Marketing Tips

Marketing a business more efficiently requires branding, SEO, and local marketing. The tips listed below will make the process simpler, and someone with a new or existing company will see results as they integrate each tip into their business model. Companies want to grow every year, but it takes time to establish a clientele, become a household name, and budget for all related marketing activities. CEOs like Shalom Lamm are dedicated to growing their non-profit organization’s via branding. 

Establishing a brand is an important part of any company. The company must have a brand that is easy to recognize, includes a logo, and uses colors or scripts that are effective in marketing materials. The name of the company and its logo should look good on a sign outside the building, on the website, on letterhead, and in emails. Along with branding, companies should establish a website that has a simple URL. Customers should be able to type the URL easily, and the URL might even reference the most popular product or service that the company provides. Use SEO to reach as many customers as possible. There should be a long list of keywords that is easy to reference as the content is created. These keywords can be used in articles, blog posts, product descriptions, emails, and social media. SEO is the simplest way to reach people who need what the company offers. The company should use industry keywords, keywords referring to their products or services, or keywords that refer to branded products the company has. Keywords might also include slogans or mottos the company uses as part of its brand. Local SEO is a simple way to capture the attention of everyone who lives in the area. List all the cities that the company services, and have those locations at the bottom of the homepage, in every article, and every blog post. The company will find more customers who can easily access the products or services. Local marketing also makes it easy to establish a relationship with a customer. The brand that the company has established earns the customer’s trust, and that customer remains loyal to the company. Position the company as an expert in the field in which it works. This means that customers come to the company for information. Every blog post or article should teach the customer something they need to know. The company should consistently reference its level of experience, certifications, and licenses.

When marketing a company and establishing a brand, owners and management must establish themselves as the experts, reach people in the local area, and use as many forms of marketing as possible. The company can rebrand itself, create a new logo, use new colors, and choose new fonts. The company will capture the attention of local citizens, and it can grow an even larger clientele than it had before. Shalom Lamm says marketing your business better really makes a difference.