MAGFAST Extreme: A World-First Power Bank With Three Qi Wireless Charging Coils

MAGFAST, the innovative tech company long known for its game-changing chargers, introduced the world’s first power bank that provides users with lightning-quick Qi wireless charging for multiple devices at the same time. The MAGFAST Extreme has been called a “beast of a charger” by the manufacturer and provides a total of seven charging outputs. 

MAGFAST founder and CEO Seymour Segnit notes that the MAGFAST Extreme is designed to allow consumers to take charging to the next level. As part of a new class of power banks, “MAGFAST Extreme is not only the world’s first power bank to charge three phones wirelessly simultaneously, but it’s so powerful it can jump-start your car,” says Segnit. 

Focused on putting versatility and power into the hands of users, this MAGFAST charger can be used to charge devices using one of its three Qi wireless bases. Other options available to consumers include the MAGFAST magnetic connection, the built-in MAGFAST Family cable, USB-C, 12V outlet, and USB-A. 

The MAGFAST Family of quick magnetic chargers provides consumers with the nimble charging options they need for their busy, device-centric lives. Not only has Segnit and his team designed a line of subversive products that are powerful, simple, and sustainable, but they are also so sleek and beautiful that consumers will be proud to display them. 

MAGFAST Extreme uses a world-class industrial design to eliminate the messy charging cables that today’s device users often accept as the unfortunate price to pay for staying connected. Instead, the MAGFAST Extreme has a unique self-storing design for its built-in, swappable and replaceable cables. Other components included in the power bank’s sleek and modern design include the latest USB-C outlets with PD Power Delivery, traditional USB-A outlets, three Qi-certified wireless charging ports. 

As part of the company’s commitment to delivering revolutionary products that promise to change consumers’ charging experiences, the MAGFAST Extreme can jump-start up to 25 vehicles on a single charge using the optional jumper cables. 

The MAGFAST Family of chargers offers a number of other options in addition to the Extreme including: 

  • MAGFAST Time for Apple Watch™, which allows users to charge their smartwatch for up to two weeks of use.
  • MAGFAST Air, a beautiful charging stand for your desk or kitchen counter that allows devices to be charged wirelessly. 
  • MAGFAST Wall, which helps users avoid a messy nest of wires when using their wall outlet to charge their devices. 
  • MAGFAST Road, which is designed to charge other family members’ devices while consumers are on the road and illuminate the darkness. 
  • MAGFAST Life, a power bank that’s both portable and ideal for use every day. 

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