Luxury Condominium Along Singapore’s East Coast


If you’re looking for a place to stay on the famed Singapore East Coast, then you don’t have to look any further than Liv @ MB. Liv @ MB or Liv at Mountbatten is a luxury condominium that will launch very soon.

Therefore, it’s the right time to book your slot and finalize the place before it’s too late. You can check out the Liv @ MB price details at You’ll probably not be disappointed with the look as well as the view. The price is worth the hype, and the condominium is located at Arthur Road.

Benefits of Residing along Singapore East Coast

Everyone knows that Singapore is an amazing country to visit. Yet, it’s even a better country to reside in. If you do pick Singapore East Coast as your place of residence, here are some upsides of the same.

1. The Greenery Around

Singapore East Coast isn’t a maze of skyscrapers like New York City. It does have a lot of greenery around. From parks to fitness hubs, you’ll find it all here. So, if you need a breath of fresh air, you only need to step out from your Liv @ MB luxury condominium.

2. Family-Friendly

The area around Liv @ MB is also very family-friendly. There are a lot of schools nearby that are within walking distance. For instance, there is Ngee Ann Primary School, just a walk away from Liv @ MB. Another primary school in the area is Chung Cheng high school. If you’re looking for a more religious educational experience for your kids, there is the Geylang Methodist School. All of these are top schools in the area that provide really good education. There are a lot of markets and recreational spots in the area too. Thus, each and every member of your family will be able to reside happily in East Coast Singapore.

3. Water Sports

For those who avidly enjoy adrenaline rushes, there are a lot of water sports available in the area. After all, it’s a coastal area that attracts a lot of tourists. Thus, it’ll always feel like that you’re on vacation, even when you are residing permanently. So, if you don’t have work, you can always head down to the beach and get on a jet ski.

4. Theatre Show at Drama Box in Chinatown

For those who have a more nuanced taste in entertainment, there is the theatre show at Drama Box in Chinatown. It’s one of the best drama companies in the whole of Singapore that often performs original plays based on themes of social awareness. You can catch them between 10 AM and 6 PM. To enjoy the amazing plays, you should head to 14A-C, Trengganu Street. This is just one of the many amazing experiences in East Coast Singapore.

Apart from these, there are a lot of positives of living in East Coast Singapore. Wait no longer – have a look at the Liv @ MB price list for luxury condominiums as soon as possible.