Looking Forward to Warm Weather

Every year the seasons change and the world becomes a cold place to live. Some areas much colder than others but all cold nonetheless. With these season changes also comes lifestyle changes. Cold weather brings illness and some people tend to not want to be as active. The plants tend to die off and the scenery changes as it is not its colorful self anymore. Many people look forward to warmer weather, one of those people being Shalom Lamm.

Lamm loves warm weather because of all of the things he loves to do which requires warm weather to truly enjoy. There are many things that come with summer such as enjoying the scenery, gardening, peaceful walks, picnics and enjoying dinner on the back patio without having to bundle up in fifteen layers of clothing. Something about the sun and warm weather just puts people into a better mood. It brings good moments with family and many smiling faces. With warmer weather comes many joyous moments.

Sure, people can go for walks in the midst of winter but is it more enjoyable then walking in the sun rays and enjoying all of the beautiful new plant growth? He loves to go for walks and enjoy the sun because it brings a sense of peace and tranquility. The new plant growth along the trails brings with it a new artistic view of the world. So much green, pink, red, and purple sprouting up in all directions. It’s truly a gorgeous site.

There’s a very healing thing about gardening and gardening is something that Shalom has great enjoyment in. Planting the vast array of flowers, fruits, and vegetables that are available brings him a sense of peace. Walking out to the garden every day to find new plants have finally made their arrival out of the soil is something he enjoys as well as many other people but it must be done in warm weather. Wonder how many would garden all year round if only winter would allow it?

One of Lamm’s favorite things to do is going for picnics with his family. They will pack up their favorite choice of tasty treats and head to a peaceful location. He will enjoy his wife’s company while watching his beautiful children play. Enjoying the view of his chosen destination while spending much needed time with loved ones in the warm atmosphere. Needless to say, this activity is not as enjoyable in the cold weather.
Family time is not only important but also is much needed after a long day’s work. Shalom Lamm loves to come home from work and sit down to a home cooked meal on the back patio with his family. They will talk about their day, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company while watching the beautiful sunset. A perfect and peaceful ending to a warm summer’s day. He is ready to plan his next delightful day in the warm season. He is very much so looking forward to warmer weather and all the delights it brings.