The Power of Live Video for Your Startup

The COVID pandemic brought on many changes in terms of advancing the use of available technologies, and not the least of which has been the rapid adoption of live video in a multitude of settings. 

We’re using live video for everything from business, to entertainment, to social interactions, healthcare, gaming, real estate, marketing, and more. Live video has very much become the norm and there are quite a number of options to choose from when it comes to platforms. 

However, there’s only one option that not only hosts live video, but was created with solutions to the most typical live video issues in mind. 

Single stream technology is the only technology that is ready to handle every live video challenge that we’ve seen become so rampant over the past few years of multiplied use. Some of these issues include bandwidth availability, encoding, privacy, lagging, poor video quality, and connection. 

Single stream technology is capable of resolving these problems by taking data from any source, live video feeds, and participants and merging them into one single interface with a single live video display. This technology smoothes out the vulnerabilities and requires no infrastructure on the part of the participant. 

Whether for entertainment, work, or any other purpose, single stream technology is a sure fire way to get quality live video every single time.

The power of nimble live video