Lindsay Shearer and Pins 4 Profit: Unlocking the Full Potential of Pinterest Ads

Summary: Pinterest is a powerhouse new marketing platform for both ecom & info product brands!  Pinterest is growing month over month with it’s highest growth since inception in the last 12 months.  With professional Pinterest marketing strategies, entrepreneurs can look to improve their brands’ visibility, gain potential leads, and convert leads into regular customers both through ads and long term staying organic strategies.

Pinterest is a platform for ideas. People can surf, search, and share their ideas using visual pins. These pins allow users to showcase their products, services, and concepts with millions of people worldwide and get comments from followers. It’s really the only visual planning search engine on the market, giving it a unique competitive advantage. Although it is a platform to share ideas by curating content, marketing experts like Lindsay Shearer are also fast making this social media site a hub for entrepreneurs to promote their brands. 

Lindsay saw the power of Pinterest early in the ads game as a blue ocean space for brands to really open new markets. The popular digital marketing strategist said, “I try to target keywords of clients and combine their interests to help them reach out to their target audience quickly. Pinterest marketing is still fairly new, but the Pinterest ads platform is maturing fast as the leadership is really dedicated to growth & supporting advertisers. Therefore, it gives everyone a chance to explore the features & benefits of this platform faster and faster. For example, I often combine the search aspects of Google Ads and Bing Ads with the social media buying behavior when setting up a brand’s target audience on Pinterest. I make interest targeting as extensive and detailed as possible to ensure that the client can reach out within his desired demographic.”

Pinterest ads are becoming the go-to platform for digital marketers who want to open a new marketing avenue for their brands. According to Lindsay, it is one of the best ways to diversify a brand’s digital marketing traffic portfolio. A few clever strategies can help a brand achieve tons of leads and conversions, helping the brand grow locally, domestically, and even internationally.  

Lindsay Shearer is a digital marketing, SEO, and Pinterest expert, who provides new marketing channels and sets up cross-channel marketing plans to help brands run large-scale Pinterest ads and grow organic traffic radically. Her company, Pins 4 Profit, helps ecom & info product brands grow their online presence using Pinterest, SEO & setting up solid & foundational advertising systems. Pins 4 Profit is a full-scale Pinterest marketing agency that most brands rely on because of Lindsay & her highly skilled team’s excellent strategies that work methodically to popularize brands. 

While talking about Pins 4 Profit, Lindsay said, “When I founded Pins 4 Profit in 2015, I wanted to achieve two things: fast results that were consistent and really serve our clients well. At Pins 4 Profit, we work on multiple cross-channel strategies to capitalize on multiple markets & make a brand stand out from its competitors. We feel that if you are not innovative with your Pinterest marketing strategies, you’re leaving money & satisfied customers on the table. Therefore, in an ever growing digital marketing world, if you want to survive, you must come up with marketing tactics that open new marketing channels. And that’s where Pins 4 Profit can make a difference. Our trained professionals are experts at cross channel marketing & ad campaigns. Their primary goal is to provide maximum exposure to your business. At Pins 4 Profit, we don’t have a standard strategy that works for all clients. We assess a brand’s current market position, review the success of previous marketing campaigns, and then come up with custom solutions- fitting in Pinterest ad strategies that will provide excellent results where they make the most sense.”

With Pinterest marketing still unknown to many, business owners are often skeptical about this marketing strategy’s success. Lindsay believes that if a brand has at least some success in search or social ads, it wouldn’t be too difficult to become popular on Pinterest. In fact, if a brand already has a good following on Pinterest, it may be ahead of its competitors by a fair margin. The brand should think of capitalizing on using those followers instead of letting its competitors gain ground. 

For Lindsay, making Pinterest ads popular is about visual content and great pictures. She can make the most of these images for her clients to ensure that they have a slightly better advantage over their competitors on other social media platforms. The ecom marketing expert also shares that Pinterest ad success depends on a client’s objective. She believes that Pinterest is more for the millennials. If a brand targets this group, then Pinterest ads would work brilliantly. 

Lindsay is an adamant entrepreneur, a go-getter who doesn’t believe in compromising. When she started Pins 4 Profit, she wanted to help brands receive the recognition they deserved. She spent hours handpicking digital marketing specialists who had knowledge of both paid and organic marketing techniques. The traffic generation specialist even trained many marketing experts to ensure they deliver industry-leading results, provide the best Pinterest media buyers, offer custom cross-channel tracking, and a creative team like no other. 

Lindsay’s popularity in the digital marketing scene made her feature in top news agencies like Newsweek, Fox News, Entrepreneur, and many more. Speaking about her rapid success, Lindsay said, “It’s a collaborative effort, honestly. I can’t take all the credit for myself. I run two digital marketing agencies, BrandRanx and Pins 4 Profit. And there’s one common thing in both the agencies: the enthusiasm to help brands. We have helped more than 150 brands so far to scale their business to nearly 7 to 8 figures in sales per month. Making our clients happy and watching their businesses grow gives us satisfaction that we can’t compare with anything.”

Pins 4 Profit started with only a handful of clients. But it didn’t take long for the company to flourish because of Lindsay’s excellent marketing choices and decisions. Today, the company not only offers Pinterest audit and strategy setup, but also marketing courses from Lindsay, Pinterest organic traffic, Pinterest paid ads, press release and SEO, leading to organic traffic, and ad management of various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Google, and Snap. 

Lindsay is not just the founder of two successful digital marketing agencies. She is also a teacher of various marketing courses on her own website. Apart from making brands popular on Pinterest, the marketing genius also creates opportunities for others to become successful marketers. Some of her bestselling marketing courses include the following:

• From Zero to 1k Per Day – This course helps entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the online world. It contains valuable information about starting an online business from scratch, maintaining customer relations, and market a business efficiently.

• Start Your Online Biz – This course talks about the details of how you can achieve at least 1k profit per day. From product information to marketing details, Lindsay spills her marketing secrets to help entrepreneurs expand their businesses. 

• Brandranx Organic – This is a course where Lindsay talks in length about cross-channel organic marketing. Lindsay isn’t afraid of implementing innovative marketing strategies to see her clients succeed. Brandranx Organic consists of successful marketing tips, including SEO, that entrepreneurs and marketers can use to help a business grow. 

• Brandranx Paid – Many people say that organic marketing is much better than paid marketing. Lindsay believes that both have equal opportunities to make a business successful if someone uses the strategies tactfully. How can one use the marketing techniques efficiently? Lindsay shares the secrets in Brandranx Paid, including some of her popular Pinterest marketing strategies. 

But what makes Lindsay a Pinterest ad queen? The marketing coach replied, “I am a hard-working woman with only one aim in mind: to make my clients happy. If you already know about Pinterest ads, it makes it easier to work. But if you are new to Pinterest, it’s my job to explain why it’s the opportunistic social media platform for marketers now. It is easy to get started on Pinterest. You open an account just like any other social media platform. But it gets tricky from there, especially to those who don’t know about Pinterest properly. We help to create your brand’s Pinterest profile, followed by creating a business manager account. This is where clients can check analytics and reports and set up ad campaigns. We discuss different ad campaigns with our clients before proceeding. The discussion includes the pros and cons of different ad campaigns, how one campaign can positively impact your brand, what campaign we may follow next, and how you can scale your business’s success after every campaign.”

One of the reasons why Lindsay focuses specifically on Pinterest ads is because it has more than 300 million active users globally. Since many brands are yet to tap into this Pinterest marketing platform, she uses her knowledge and expertise to make the most of this opportunity for her clients. Talking about using Pinterest’s growth, Lindsay revealed, “This is still an untapped platform with over 300 million active users. Imagine the crazy growth it will go through once it becomes popular like some of the other social media platforms. Many entrepreneurs still don’t know that over 50% of Pinterest users use this site to shop for products and services. That makes it an ideal space to promote your brand. Nearly 77% of the users say that they found a new product or service every week. Doesn’t that make Pinterest ads an open ground for entrepreneurs? I think the more you invest in Pinterest marketing now, the more benefits you will reap in the future.”

Pins 4 Profit marketing experts, under the guidance of Lindsay, use a unique technique to achieve magnanimous success for clients wanting Pinterest success. They combine search keywords and interest targeting to align a client’s target audience. Additionally, they use the “intent” and “discovery” search function through the home feed of the audience to provide accurate results. Apart from these innovative methods, they also use some of the tried and tested Pinterest marketing techniques, such as retargeting features and custom audience, to engage with customers better. Lindsay is a firm believer in customer engagement. She says, “You are running a business for your customers. If they want to talk to you, you shouldn’t think twice before responding to their queries. If you don’t, they will not take time to move to a different brand.”

The above strategies help target potential customers not only at the top of a sales funnel but also at its bottom. This means Lindsay’s Pinterest marketing strategy doesn’t stop at people who are searching for specific products or services. It extends to those who are close to making the purchase. 

About Lindsay Shearer: Lindsay Shearer is the owner of two digital marketing agencies, Pins 4 Profit and BrandRanx. She focuses on various marketing strategies, such as Pinterest ads, SEO and organic strategizing and implementation, affiliate marketing for eCom, digital marketing, and social media marketing. Her expertise in Pinterest marketing is opening doors for new brands and improving their sales volumes over time. She also teaches Pinterest and digital marketing courses to help enthusiastic candidates to become successful marketers who can make a difference to various brands.