Letting Loose: Activities For Fun Days With Your Staff

Work can be fun regardless of what a number of people think. Every single day does not have to be focused on producing more and more as this can impact morale negatively. Rejuvenation can be very important when it comes to driving up productivity. Staff is going to be more likely to work hard for a company that allows them to have fun from time to time. People can experience burnout if they are constantly pushed to produce more when they are doing a great job already. The following are ideas for activities that you can participate in with your staff. 

Provide Wine Or Beer After Lunch On Fridays 

Beer or wine Friday can be something that helps people celebrate the end of the week. Even if the staff loves their jobs, people always are looking to recharge their professional batteries. People loosening up can be quite fun in the office as some people just need one drinking to relax quite a bit. 

The one aspect to realize is that overconsumption is not acceptable. The company should not allow this due to the liability of providing alcohol to those that are driving home. Having a few beer limit for this can be very important as some people have a tough time stopping after they start drinking. Some businesses have beer available in the fridge daily that people enjoy throughout the week. 

Use A Day Of Work To Go Play Paintball 

Going to play paintball can be the perfect way for the entire staff to blow off some steam. Work can be very stressful and an employee might truly enjoy competing against their manager. There is quite a bit of strategy to paintball in order to win against a large team. Simply sprinting and shooting wildly is not going to be the best strategy in the slightest. Research to see if there are any paintball courses around and whether they provide paintballs as well as guns. 

Holiday Parties During Work 

Holiday parties can be a blast but forcing people to go on their time off can create hostility. Parties during a workday can be great and you can still get a half-day worth of work done. A costume party during Halloween is a great idea as costume contests are always fun. Annual Christmas parties during the holiday season can be something that everyone looks forward to. Hiring a bartender can be a great idea and encourage everyone to Uber to work that day. Potlucks during this time can also be a bit of fun so staff can flex their cooking skills on their coworkers. 

Office Scavenger Hunts

Setting up office scavenger hunts can be a great idea and a fun thing to do. Not everyone will want to participate and that is just fine. Hiding things or creating riddles of clues where something is hidden is a great idea.

Having fun with your staff does not mean that the business cannot be profitable. The misconception that you need to work tirelessly for years simply is not true if there is a dedication to improving processes.