Lessons from Kynect Leaders in Growing Business and Building a Company During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A New Way to Look at Opportunity

The COVID-19 novel coronavirus and the resulting health and financial crises have rocked our nation and changed how Americans view business and money, possibly for a generation to come.

For many business owners who have to show up in person, sell products, or perform physical services, things aren’t easy right now – and people all over the world are re-evaluating their spending habits to figure out what they can cut back on and what they truly need.

Some services, however, are simply non-negotiable. That makes companies like Kynect, which allows their Independent Associates to earn extra income by selling energy and wireless services, uniquely positioned to continue to grow. At Kynect’s core is a culture of people helping people that leads to businesses built on trust, as demonstrated by Executive Directors Guy Pryor and Terrance Riggins, as well as National Director James Levins, all of whom joined a conference call to share stories and wisdom from their experiences with Kynect.

From Law Enforcement to an Engaged Family Life

Guy Pryor served in law enforcement for years, and a constant work and travel schedule took him away from his family to the point that his oldest daughter barely knew who he was. He knew something needed to change, and when he discovered Kynect in 2015, he jumped in with both feet.

Since then, he’s built a thriving business and doesn’t miss a lesson, a concert, or a recital – ever. “We’re doing everything under the sun thanks to Kynect,” he said, telling his story as he introduced Riggins’ presentation.

However, he made very clear that his success wasn’t easy, and did not come overnight. “You have to do the work.” he says. He sees Kynect as a way to meet his financial goals.

Kynecting in a Time of Physical Distancing

Kynect Executive Director Terrance Riggins believes that this is the best opportunity on Earth right now. He started building his Kynect business in early 2007, and has thrived in the 13+ years since.

Riggins sees Kynect as an extraordinary service in times of crisis. Kynect’s energy and wireless service partners are keeping people warm, safe, and connected when they need it the most. At the same time, the company’s unique relationship-based marketing model is helping Associates find fulfillment in giving back by providing people with a way to authentically provide security, build communities, and empower others in need.

Of course, these have been hallmarks of Kynect since the beginning and have played a significant role in its longevity. Over the last 15 years, the company has paid out hundreds of millions in commissions and regularly ranked as a Top 20 direct selling company.

Fast Tracking to Regional Director

Riggins explains how easy it is to get started, and how new Kynect Associates are looking at two possible expenses – the one-time enrollment fee and the optional monthly Kynect Pro fee.

Key to earning with Kynect is following the You and 2 model to collect four customer points, then teach others to do the same.

It’s a simple building block that has led to many success stories. That said, Riggins stresses the fact that there is no free lunch. To earn the perks, you need to do the work – but there’s never been a better time to dive in and create the business you’ve always wanted for yourself.

The Power of Incredible Company Culture

National Director James Levins was in the auto business, working tirelessly to support himself. “If I didn’t show up, I didn’t make money,” he says about this time in his life.

A mentor introduced Kynect to him 9 ½ years ago. James said he was going to get to work, and when he was told to get out there and prove it, he stepped up to the plate.

He promoted to Executive Director, and attributes his success to Kynect’s culture of growing stronger together. “In the car business, you’re taking everybody else’s business. In this industry, you can only succeed if you help others achieve their goals and dreams. You win every single time.”

He emphasizes the fact that there are no guarantees, and that Associates have to put the work in in order to reap the rewards. But the rewards for James have been more than monetary. When his fiancée got pregnant, he missed no appointments, and over 200 Kynect Associates threw his family a baby shower shortly before his daughter’s birth.

The Time is Now

When asked about his advice for entrepreneurs looking to get started at this time, he circled back to the importance of authenticity and the power of technology. “We help people save on life essential services that they’re going to pay for, no matter what. All people care about right now is taking care of their families, and you can focus on the fact that you’re helping them do that.” Using tools like Zoom, it’s now possible to present this opportunity to more people all over the country – and build businesses – like never before.

Get started with Kynect here: https://wekynect.com/business