Learning to Love Networking

Learning to Love Networking

How Networking Can Help You Find The Perfect Job

Getting a job is hard. Finding the right job is even more challenging. That’s why it’s essential to network with people who can help one find that perfect job. We live in an increasingly digital world, and the same is true regarding finding a job. The old-fashioned way of networking doesn’t work anymore because there are too many people on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites. Instead, a person should focus on building his brand and connecting with people who can help someone further his career goals outside of just finding a new job.

Be Proactive When Networking

There’s a popular misconception that networking is an awkward, one-sided process as per Jonathan Osler San Francisco. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Networking is a two-way street wherein a person can reciprocate and connect with people who are also looking to further their careers. A person can also use this profile to keep his connections updated with his professional life. As we start networking, we should remember that our goal isn’t to find a job immediately. Instead, our objective is to build a network of people who can help us find the perfect job down the road. This could be an employer who needs someone with a specific skill set, a mentor who can act as a guide or a colleague who can help us grow as an employee.

Form a Professional Network

It’s essential to remember that networking is not just about finding gigs. To further our career goals, we need to build a base of professional relationships. We should start by asking people we meet at events, at our company, and on social media who we know and what they do. If we’re unsure how to start building a professional network, we can use LinkedIn as an example. On our profile, we can link all of our other LinkedIn profiles and add any professional associations as “connections.” We can even see who is in our network and what they do by clicking on our connections. This way, we’ll have a network of people in our field who can help us further our career goals. We can also use our network as a resource. Our network can be a helpful resource if we’re looking for a new job but don’t know where to start. After building a network of people, we should not stop networking and introducing people to each other.

Attend Career Events

If we’re looking to further our careers, we must go beyond just reading job postings online. While these can be helpful, meeting people outside our computer screens is essential. One way to do this is to attend career events. These can range from networking happy hours to your company’s career expos. At these events, we can meet people, get advice, and learn more about how we can further our career goals.

Looking for Job Opportunities on Sites Like Indeed and Glassdoor

Jonathan Osler San Francisco believes that the best way to find the perfect job is to look at actual job openings. That way, we can see what’s out there and available. To do this, we can use sites like Indeed and Glassdoor. These sites allow us to see actual job listings and connect with employers.


Networking is not just a tool to help us find the perfect job. It’s a lifelong process that we can continue after finding the perfect job. If we make connections with other people in our field, we can further our career goals by sharing advice, collaborating on projects, and helping each other grow. There are hundreds of ways to network outside of LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites.