Key Signs You Should Upgrade Your Phone

Key Signs You Should Upgrade Your Phone

It seems there is always a new model of cell phone that is being released. People wonder if they really need to upgrade their phone. Some people may not want to unless they must. Father George Rutler knows that phones are expensive and that they can be hard to use. Rutler has some tips to help a person tell if it is time to help them upgrade their phone.

Operating System

The operating system of the phone will control it all. There are times when the device will get a notification that it needs to be upgraded to the newest version of the operating system. The most current system will make sure the phone works as it should. If the phone is not able to upgrade to the most recent operating system then it is time to get a new phone.

No Security

The phone has some security and there are measures to help protect a person even if they are using public wifi. If a person cannot get the latest security updates it is time to upgrade their phone. Security is needed to make sure their information is safe and protected.

Device is no Longer Supported

If the device is no longer supported by the manufacturer then it is time to get a newer model. If the device is getting too old then the information coming in is not protected and can put the phone at risk. Hackers may be able to get into the phone and get the security information.

Phone is Slow

There are many things that can make a phone slow. A person should go through their phone and remove any apps they are not using. They should also clear up the storage. If there are pictures or videos on the phone they should be moved to a cloud or another device. If the phone is still slow and unresponsive after this it can be time for a new one.

Apps crash

There are times on all phones when apps may crash or they may no longer be responsive. If this is happening often this can be a problem. If a person has cleared out their memory and the phone is still crashing this can mean things are outdated. The RAM which is used for memory is getting old and it will soon no longer be able to support all of these apps.


If the battery is not able to hold a charge it can be time to replace the phone. If a battery has reached 500 full cycles they will only work at 70 percent of their ability. Most phones do not have an option to replace only the battery. There are some charging tips to help prolong the battery. If the battery lasts for only a few hours a new phone is needed. These are some tips from Father George Rutler to help a person know if they are going to need a new phone. If a person cannot get their phone to work as expected then it is time to get a new smartphone.