Ken Kurson: His Service In Media

There is no one better qualified to undertake such great responsibilities in media relations as Ken Kurson. He has comprehension in politics, finance, economics, journalism, mass media relations, and many more mediums. During his career and throughout his education, he has never failed to represent the Jewish community in a positive manner.

After attending the prestigious University of Chicago, Kurson started his career in journalism. After several years of establishing his high work ethic, he even succeeded in making it on the New York Times bestseller list with “Leadership”, written in 2002. The book demonstrates Rudolph W. Giuliani’s time as mayor of New York City and the measures he executed to keep citizens protected. This elevated Kurson’s career and shined a spotlight on him that never seemed to fade. 

In addition, he has also been a featured speaker on dozens of television shows. Many clips of his reports can be found on his YouTube channel. Many reporters continue to look for him on advice about financial hardships and market trends. During this time he also created Green Magazine. It was also filled with advice about media relations and economics. Although he is no longer an editor at Esquire, he continues his passion for writing on his blogs. 

Book and Film Globe is favorable by audiences who enjoy reading, film reviews, and literary essays. There are fiction, non-fiction, comics, film, and television sections that are specifically curated to appease those interested. California Globe, his other blog, is much more political and has sections about the legislature and national news. All these are constructed to present facts as well as blogger’s opinions to audiences all over the world.

Ken’s work is featured on Times of Israel, The Forward, and Amazon. A majority of his work is professionally published because of his high ranking reputation. He is very appreciative of his Jewish customs because he believes that without them he wouldn’t be where he is today. 

For Ken, his culture is very important to him. He celebrates Jewish traditions with his family regardless of how immersed in work he may be. Many individuals struggle practicing their religion because of how overwhelming certain careers may be. Kurson makes it known that without the knowledge he gained from his Rabbi’s he wouldn’t be in his current position. 

It’s comforting to see people like Ken Kurson being so open about their Jewish roots. He supports Jewish media outlets and it has manifested through his work. In 2014, Kurson was awarded the “Journalist of the Year” award by The Algemeiner, which has a strong impact on Jewish media relations. When he became editor in chief at the Observer, he always made sure to spread kindness through his office and show the respect he was taught to others. 

His perseverance in comprehending and progressing the media in a more technologically advanced direction has been preeminent. With his experience, he has contributed so much knowledge to many mass media outlets that have been undoubtedly changed due to his progressive nature. Overall, Ken Kurson’s experience has shaped him as an outstanding Jewish member of society.