Keeping a Positive Entrepreneurial Attitude: With Shalom Lamm

As a well-known investor in the West Hempstead, New York area, Shalom Lamm is doing his best to give small business owners advice on how to be successful. Being an entrepreneur himself, he has been through good times and bad. There are certain aspects of business-owning that we recommend and then recommends staying away from. Overall, Lamm has been a strong pillar in his community and enjoys sharing his experience to help others grow. He uses platforms like his Blog to stay in touch with your professionals who need advice about running a business.

For decades, Lamm has been transforming the world into a better place. He enjoys volunteering, helping his community, and finding new ways to be sustainable. With his experience, he recommends that nothing will get a person farther than a positive attitude. Lamm says that bad things are inevitable to happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s in someone’s personal life, professional life, or both. Unfortunately, that is just how life works out sometimes. However, it’s how we react that determines how much we can achieve. As entrepreneurs, Lamm suggests that waking up with positive thoughts in your head is the first step. For some, that might include looking up positive quotes online, and for others that might just mean having a filling breakfast. Whatever it is that makes a person motivated, is what they should attempt to practice every morning. 

As the pandemic changes many norms we all were used to, it’s important to be flexible as well. To be an entrepreneur, staying fluid with economics, finance, and stock accounts, helps inventors have transparent knowledge over what they may be funding. It’s important to participate in sponsorships, especially for businesses that coincide with outdoor activities. If your company can’t afford to sponsor events just yet, that’s completely understandable. Just remember to network as much as possible to build connections with future inventors. 

Keeping the business alive online is extremely important. Say you own a farmers market stand and sell fresh vegetables every weekend. Keeping an online presence might not be as important giving that foot traffic is where revenue comes from. On the other hand, if one is starting a fashion boutique, it’s important to have a heavy online presence. Posting positive content and helpful fashion tips has potential to grow a larger geographic following. Creating social media platforms is free, so are the following people. It’s a simple way to get feedback off of your business and help grow a larger audience. Many platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn allow entrepreneurs to be more sought out and increase awareness of a brand.

Lamm has been the CEO of a nonprofit organization called Operation Benjamin. This organization helps restore Jewish loved ones who had passed fighting in World War II to their family members. Many were buried in wrong burial sites that are disrespectful to their religion and heritage. Shalom and his team work tirelessly to bring families peace and help future generations understand the importance of a correct burial. With his experience working as the CEO, he knows that having a positive attitude is crucial. The families he works with have waited to find their loved ones for decades. It’s an insanely emotional experience when Operation Benjamin reaches out about a prospective case. Although emotions are high, Shalom and his team always make sure the hard work and dedication are done properly and in an organized fashion. Comforting the families who have been waiting for so long to bury their family properly is a very important job. Also, with any complications that come up, he’s sure to ease them and remain positive during the whole experience. Overall, entrepreneurship is a difficult and very vast topic to fully understand. As Shalom Lamm says on Thrive Global, it’s important to stay above any negative nonsense. People are adjusting to the pandemic rules and regulations so remember as a business owner to be courteous of what could be going on in their personal lives. It takes very little effort to speak kind words, have an uplighting attitude, and be comforting. If you are struggling, speak to a professional advisor about where your business can grow and how else it can develop. The opportunities are endless but it all starts with a smile.