Joel Yi Solves the Pain of Wasted Leads with His Automated Sales Farming System

Joel Yi’s revolutionary system has put an end to the agonizing problem of wasted leads through his automated sales farming system. This article delves into the nitty-gritty details of how the system works, its target audience, the actual pain points it addresses, the distinctive features that set it apart from the rest of the market, and the implications of not adopting this innovative system.

The Automated Farming System

Joel Yi has developed AI software fully integrated with Go High Level to reactivate and farm all your leads. This system ensures dead leads in your database are reactivated and extra are generated without you spending any penny on ads ensuring you don’t have a leaky bucket.

Actual Pain It Solves

Many businesses have a database of leads that have yet to become customers and/or clients This leads to a lot of money left on the table. The Automated Sales Farming System solves the pain of businesses that don’t have time, don’t know how to, and don’t have a good system to reactivate those dead leads. With this system, the leads are reactivated, and extra book calls are generated, leading to more sales and revenue for the business.

Ideal Avatar for the Service

The ideal avatar for this service is coaching consultants, course creators, and service providers who make at least 20k a month in sales and have at least two closers. They should have a database of at least 5000 contacts with email and phone numbers.

Unique Features of the Offer

One of the unique features of this offer is the highly effective sales professionals trained to do both inbound and outbound sales. The system uses AI to back up the software, which can book high-quality calls for the business without a closer. This system is highly effective in generating extra book calls, as evidenced by one of their clients who got 130 book calls in 10 days from a list of 30,000 emails. Also, for those who can benefit from an a-to-z turnkey solution, Joel offers a 30-day program that builds out the system and launches farming campaigns for the business. After 30 days, the system is turnkey, and the business can run it forever.

Consequences of Not Moving Forward

The consequences of not moving forward with this system are enormous. A business will always have a leaky bucket; no matter how much money it puts into its business, it will keep leaking out if they don’t plug the holes. Having a database of 10,000 leads that nobody has touched in a long time wastes resources, meaning the business is leaving money on the table. Not having a system to reactivate those leads means the business misses out on potential sales and revenue.

In conclusion, the Automated Sales Farming System developed by Joel Yi is a game-changer for businesses that have a database of dead leads. The system solves the pain of not having time, not knowing how to, and not having a good system to reactivate those leads. This system allows businesses to reactivate those leads and generate extra book calls, leading to more sales and revenue. The system’s unique features, such as the highly effective sales professionals and the AI system, make it stand out from other alternatives in the market. Not moving forward with this system means businesses will always have a leaky bucket, wasting resources and missing out on potential sales and revenue.