J.J. Hebert, Amazon best-selling author, talks about the benefits of writing and publishing a book as an entrepreneur

Want to know how to set yourself apart in your profession and position yourself as an expert in your field? Founder and owner of MindStir Media, J.J. Hebert says one well-written book can do wonders for entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, getting clients, investors or business associates to trust in you and your business isn’t exactly easy, but with the rise of self-publishing companies like MindStir Media, more entrepreneurs these days are writing and publishing books to build their brand and establish their expertise in the public eye. 

J.J. Hebert, founder and owner of award-winning self-publishing company MindStir Media, believes these entrepreneurs are on the right track. As the author of four Amazon best-selling books, selling over 100,000 copies, and an entrepreneur seen in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, J.J. Hebert has come to know the range of benefits that writing and publishing books can have for entrepreneurs and the future of their careers.  

Boost your credibility

What better way to show your target audience, as well as other experts in the field, who you are and what you do, than to write a book about it. Entrepreneurs, consultants and businesspeople everywhere are all publishing books to boost their credibility in their field, and it is working. As a published author, you receive instant credentials as an expert authority on a particular subject. Having a published book will also mean clients and businesses associates will be more likely to trust in you and your business.

Position yourself as an expert in your field

Writing a book, about your business or field of interest, is one sure way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and even a trusted source of advice or information. People are more willing to listen to and invest in someone they perceive as an expert in their field, rather than someone they have never heard of, and a published book can give you the exposure you need to establish yourself throughout your industry. 

Attract clients with ease

Writing a book can significantly increase your chances of attracting new clients. While writing a book can draw massive attention to yourself and your business, it can also give off the perception that you and your business are well-established in the industry and can be trusted by your clients. Clients are more likely to take advice from an entrepreneur who is also a published author and is seen as an expert in their field.

Alternative marketing opportunities

In the business world, being the author of a published book is the ultimate business card to new clients and deals and a good way to impress potential investors. It also leads to exposure and marketing in the form of book reviews and features, and print stories. Book authors are also often featured as guests on radio and TV shows. By writing a book, you are not only marketing your business to your identified target audience, but to anyone listening to the radio, watching television or browsing a book store.

Opportunity to refine your trade

Writing a book, no matter the topic, requires a certain amount of research and this will require you to refine your ideas and align your arguments within your book. This gives you the opportunity to research current events in your industry and brush up on your basics. Naturally you will learn more about yourself, your business and your industry than what you did before writing the book, this is guaranteed.

Trust the process

We all know writing a book does not happen overnight, but J.J. Hebert believes entrepreneurs should trust the process. J.J. Hebert has helped co-produce thousands of books with authors across the U.S., and through his unique one-on-one mentorship program included in all MindStir Media self-publishing packages, he has helped many entrepreneurs become best-selling authors. Hebert also offers a unique self-publishing package through MindStir Media that allows authors to get their books endorsed by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. The bottom line is that J.J. Hebert has seen first-hand the benefits afforded to entrepreneurs who are successful in publishing and encourages young or well-established entrepreneurs looking to further their business or career to do the same.