Italy’s Biggest Brands

Italy is home to several globally recognizable brands. These massive firms generate employment and contribute greatly to the economy. They create wealth and opportunities, and enrich the lives of everyone in Italy, including vast numbers of migrants. Here is a look at some of the big names which make it all possible.


Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (State Hydrocarbons Authority) is an Italian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Rome. Eni engages in the exploration, production, transportation, refining, and retailing of oil and natural gas. Eni produces more than 3 billion tons of crude oil annually. It reported an annual income of EUR 48 million in 2019.

Eni is a global giant that operates in 68 countries. It has 30,775 employees worldwide. 21,170 of these are in Italy. Many on Eni’s workforce are foreign professionals. These expats regularly send remittances back to their home countries via the Ria Money Transfer App and similar reliable channels. Eni’s website states that international employees working outside of their countries of origin qualify for benefits such as schooling support, housing support, local language training, and working partner support.


The Italian luxury sports car manufacturer is among the top 5 most recognizable brands in the world. The remarkable success of the Maranello-based carmaker is owed to a rare combination of craftsmanship and technological superiority. Among European nations the most important markets for Ferrari are Italy, UK, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Its 2019 revenue was EUR 3.8 billion, with 10,131 cars produced. In 2020 Ferrari had 4,556 employees worldwide.

Ferarri rewards employees through a productivity bonus called “Premio di Competitività” (competitiveness award). This is based on a product quality index adjusted for individual productivity. In 2020 employees at Ferrari received an average of EUR 5,500 in bonuses. They also get preventative healthcare for their families. Ferrari offers benefits to employees in 5 areas namely food, free time, wellness, travel, and personal services. Employees have access to personalized loans at competitive rates within the internal branch of a local bank.


This Italian luxurycar maker has 135 dealerships worldwide. Its turnover for 2019 was EUR 1.81 billion. For over half a century Lamborghini has created iconic cars such as the 350 GT, Miura, Espada, Countach, Diablo, Murciélago, and others. There have been limited editions including the Reventón, Sesto Elemento, Veneno, and the Centenario. Lamborghini was granted the prestigious certification of “Top Employer Italia 2021” for the eighth year in a row. Lamborghini’s workforce at year-end 2018 was 1,750 employees. The company’s people-centric programs create a corporate culture that supports employee well-being and continuous improvement.


Generali is among the largest global insurance and asset management firms. Established in 1831, it is now present in 50 countries. In 2020 Generali recorded a total premium income of EUR 70.7 billion, and had 71,936 employees worldwide. Generali specializes in insurance and financial products. Its offerings encompass cover for non-life, life, holdings, third party liabilities, casualty, accident, and health. Generali also offers sophisticated covers for commercial and industrial risks and complex plans for multinationals. Generali aims to foster and sustain transformation by attracting and retaining people with different backgrounds, skills, and a global mindset. Its many upskilling and reskilling programs enable all employees to embrace the transformation.


The Luxottica Group is an Italian eyewear conglomerate and the world’s largest company in the eyewear industry. It has about 80,000 employees worldwide and approximately 9,200 retail stores. In 2019 the global revenues of Luxottica amounted to EUR 9.5 billion. It operates in the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail distribution business segments. The manufacturing and wholesale distribution segments specialize in the production and sale of its house brands and designer lines of mid to premium-priced prescription frames, sunglasses, and sports eyewear. The retail distribution segment markets its retail brands which include LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut, OPSM, and Laubman & Pank. The company offers many benefits to employees, including 1 free pair of glasses every year.

Benefits for expats

The Italian Government offers incentives to attract skilled individuals to the country. These are part of a new rule called the “Decree”. The new decree substantially improves and expands some of the existing tax incentives for relocation to Italy.