Is the Online Academy a Better Fit for Today’s Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurial ventures are vital for the social growth and prosperity of society. Entrepreneurs seize opportunities by taking risks to create value. They commercialize their innovative ideas utilizing methods that larger organizations fail to do.

Sometimes these ideas create new markets and transform industries. Facebook and Tesla are excellent examples of this. 

Most entrepreneurs think outside of the box, meaning their ideas are unique and not mainstream. They are the pioneers of their inventions, and therefore, they require the right educational system to progress.

Many entrepreneurs fail to see the value of attending university, and there are various reasons for this. The most common reason is that the institution does not provide the freedom to explore their ideas and doesn’t stimulate their thinking and learning process.

Universities need to prepare graduates to shape their careers.

Universities have historically prepared students for careers that were predefined by society. Now more than ever, educational institutions need to prepare graduates to carve their careers. There is a need for innovation in the educational system. 

However, they have to offer the facilities, resources, and incentives for the new generation graduate. The traditional method of education is not sufficient anymore. 

Not enough diversity in course offerings

Apart from the traditional career choice, there is a lack of diversity in course offerings. The modern student is looking for courses that can enhance their career path in the quickest and most affordable way.

Furthermore, formal business qualifications require you to study for three or four years, after which you still have to find a job or start a business, while struggling to pay off large student debt. 

As a potential business owner, you would want to enrol in affordable and relevant courses, like business entrepreneurship and business branding. These can be found at online academies, such as Webacademyst and others.. 

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How can universities become more entrepreneurial-friendly?

Recently, universities have realized the need for a curriculum supporting entrepreneurial studies. According to a survey, Australia’s 41 universities are offering almost 600 subjects related to entrepreneurship. 

The University of Queensland provides over 100 courses on entrepreneurial learning across its faculties. Furthermore, Stanford University offers 150 programs to students interested in entrepreneurship.

Besides the academic curricula, they offer facilities and equipment to encourage students to follow a career in entrepreneurship. Invention rooms, wet labs, hackerspaces, and digital observatories are some of the available equipment and facilities. 

Entrepreneurs still prefer non-traditional institutions

Even though universities are starting to offer more entrepreneurial-related courses, they are still not satisfying the need for many free enterprise students. Entrepreneurs prefer studying material that is interactive, exciting, and, most importantly, concise. 

Webacademyst’s courses, for example, are video-based lessons, structured so that you can learn at your own pace. This type of study method is more attractive to the modern student whose aim is to implement their learnings instantly. 

There seems to be a misconception that entrepreneurs do not enjoy education. However, this is not the case. Entrepreneurs prefer education but in a different context than what universities can offer. These individuals are free thinkers, and they need an environment where their ideas can flourish.