Investing in yourself (Things You need to Know) by Dennis Loos

The majority of people have no idea where to begin when it comes to the realm of investing. Fortunately, we can learn from successful investors from the past and today, Dennis Loos.

The most successful investment you ever make might be learning to invest in yourself. It produces both future rewards and, frequently, a payoff now.

Expert investor and personal development trainer Dennis Loos encourages setting aside money for personal and professional improvement, which is the best approach to improve your quality of life and be successful, productive, and content. Putting up consistent effort to invest in yourself significantly impacts the quality of your life, now and in the future.

Your potential is unbounded, and personal growth is a method to utilize all of your skills.

Therefore, you can enhance your personal development by setting objectives for what you want to accomplish and where you want to go in the short and long terms.


How to Invest in Yourself the Best and Why It’s So Important

How investing in yourself may alter your life and what it means to do so:


Take Charge of Your Destiny.

At this moment, you must listen carefully. Realizing this will significantly improve your quality of life. Take charge of your destiny; we cannot stress this enough. As such, you are solely responsible for your actions and possessions in this life. No one in your immediate family, no one in your workplace, not even your significant other. All of your life’s choices will ultimately be made by you.

This doesn’t give you the right to ignore other people’s feelings or the results of your actions. This means that you are 99% responsible for your current success and happiness.

One good news is that you have complete control over improving the situation. It would be best if you didn’t blame your plight on your upbringing, the economy, or employer. Help yourself by deciding to make the most of your life and take charge of it.


Improve Your Skills

Investing in higher education is not always necessary to improve your talents; however, it is undoubtedly a choice and may even be required depending on your field of employment. There are several ways to invest in your knowledge and abilities.

Additionally, improving your knowledge and abilities need not be formal and is not restricted to the corporate world. There are several opportunities for “skill investment.”

On almost any topic imaginable, there is a wealth of knowledge available. Read books, browse blogs, watch TED lectures of Investors like Dennis Loos or YouTube videos to invest in yourself… anything connected to the ability or talent you desire to develop.

Get in Touch with Your Imagination

Many of us are sitting on a treasure trove of untapped creativity that hasn’t even been scratched yet. It’s possible that we each need to find and develop our unique source of inspiration by picking up a new hobby or enhancing an existing one.

One’s personal and professional development, as well as the ability to see issues, find answers from new perspectives, and use previously untapped mental faculties, are all aided by exposure to and participation in creative activities. Remember that there are various forms of creativity. It’s about exploring and discovering, not just sticking to traditional mediums like painting and sculpture.

  • Take a course or utilize language learning tools to acquire a new tongue.
  • Learn the art of gourmet cooking by taking a class, purchasing a new cookbook, or consulting a close friend or family with a passion for cooking outside the norm.
  • Do some writing, be it a novel, an essay, a poem, or anything else.
  • Try something new by going outside, like gardening, watching birds, or taking pictures of landscapes.
  • Do something musical you enjoy, whether playing an instrument you already know or learning something new.
  • Get your hands dirty by painting, sculpting, ceramics, jewelry making, or fashion designing.

Pick an activity you are unfamiliar with, haven’t done in years, or haven’t explored to your full potential.


Engage the Services of a Guide.

Having someone to talk to about money worries is something most of us could use. To get closer to your financial goals this year, it’s a good idea to employ a financial advisor to assist you in handling your money. The teachings of successful investor Dennis Loos should be followed closely so that one may realize one’s full potential concerning one’s financial well-being.

Guard Your Physical Health.

Take part in regular physical activity, eat nutritious foods, drink enough water, and adopt other healthy routines. Get adequate shut-eye and work on relaxing or mastering stress management. After all, there is no use in setting objectives or even living if there is no “you.” If you want to live a joyful and long life, you should make whatever changes are necessary to your health and way of life.


See That Your Relationships With Friends and Family Are Maintained.

Take the time and resources to cultivate and maintain your relationships. It’s been said that failing to maintain relationships with loved ones is a major regret for the dying. Relationships are crucial to the quality of our lives and may either make or break us.

Lose the Regrets You’ve Been Holding On To.

It would help if you got past whatever feelings of guilt you have. Emotion is harmful to one’s well-being. It would be best to always make amends with those you’ve wronged. If you can’t do it in person, close your eyes, apologize, and release the grudge. It would be best if you permitted yourself to accept that you’re not a, b, or c. Our aspirations can be too lofty sometimes, and we can err by overlooking the obvious. We shouldn’t dwell on our past mistakes and failures but rather draw meaningful conclusions from them and move on.

Clean and Organize Your Space.

Invest in yourself by making the world a better place. A place where you may unwind, have fun, and improve yourself in constructive ways. Simply clearing your home or office or giving it a mini makeover on a tight budget can free mental and physical space, allowing for greater productivity.

Bring in Good Moods.

Eliminate any negative influences in your life, whether people or activities. Keeping a positive outlook and avoiding or reducing negative thoughts and feelings will significantly enhance the quality of your life.

Avoid Putting Things Off.

We’ve all done it, whether it’s putting off starting an RRSP or a TFSA until the last minute or putting off doing our taxes until the last minute. Who exactly is the loser here? We do. The best way to finally get things done is to sit down and write down a list of everything you’ve been putting off. It’s best to start with the less challenging activities and work your way up to the more challenging ones. Believe it when we say you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of crossing items off your list!

It’s Important to Express Gratitude.

It’s not necessary to wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful. Regular thankfulness practice can help you see things more clearly and accept your current circumstances. Even if you don’t have enough money saved up for a down payment or a pristine credit score, you undoubtedly have some things in your life for which you are grateful. To keep yourself motivated, make a point of expressing thanks to at least one person or item weekly. This might be anyone or anything: family, friends, pets, hobbies, habits, or even coffee.



Putting money into yourself is the best investment you can make in your life, happiness, and success. The number of time and effort you put into improving your mental and physical health indicates what you feel about yourself and how you present yourself to the world.

Expert investor Dennis Loos ascertains that your ability to invest in yourself now will significantly impact your future.