Investing in Africa

Many of us needed to think differently as the pandemic took the world stage. It soon became clear that things would not return to normal, or at least anytime soon. This also includes the investment world that will be disrupted. Does everyone really need to relocate to the Bay Area to get investors? Let’s look at investing in Africa.

It’s time to broaden our horizons and look beyond the typical VC hot spots such as San Francisco, Austin, and New York. The African continent has become the new startup land of opportunity. In fact, 5 of the fastest-growing economies in the world are located in Africa. They have been expanding and more than double the rate of the worldwide average, a notable achievement.

And there is more activity than just startups. Big tech has put in a significant foothold into the region. Of note are the Google AI lab located in Accra, Ghana, Facebook offices in Lagos, Nigeria, and quite a number of Microsoft locations such as Microsoft Africa Development Center (ADC) as well as Microsoft Africa Research Institute (MARI) in Nairobi, Kenya.

Learn more about how the time has now come for investing in Africa in the visual deep dive below:

Investing In Africa Infographic