Automatic Insurance Card Scan Capture Reduces Errors and Saves Money

The healthcare industry can be fraught with challenges of an administrative nature. There is so much red tape and there are so many hoops to jump through that administration of all of this can be a virtual nightmare. 

One of the most headache inducing aspects of healthcare is that of processing insurance claims and simply entering patient data with accuracy. 

The fact is that about a quarter of all US healthcare spending is used on administrative overhead, with time and billions of dollars being spent on correcting errors from incorrect information given by patients, entered by front end office staff, or from outdated insurance coverage or lapsed coverage. 

These challenges aren’t necessarily from staff doing a bad job, but they’re just the typical issues surrounding this kind of information being entered manually. 

Thankfully, we have the technology that can keep up with our modern processes. Incorporating AI via automatic insurance card scan with OCR capture, can resolve many of the most typical errors that tend to occur surrounding medical insurance. 

Automatic insurance capture not only significantly reduces clerical errors, but also provides speedy and efficient verification of patient benefits, which helps everyone to have a clearer picture. 

Patients can be more equipped to handle their financial responsibilities and make informed decisions and medical offices and healthcare professionals can save time and money by the use of AI.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
Source: OrbitHC