Increasing Employee Motivation

Increasing Employee Motivation

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is a skilled and qualified pain management specialist based in New York; He attended the St. George’s University School of Medicine, and graduated as he received his medical degree. Dr.Sudberg is a self-practicing pain management specialist. He receives patients with different problems which include sport injuries, muscle injection, sciatica and other forms of pain. His main dedication is to bring positivity in life and make his clients have a fulfilling lifestyle.

Employee motivation is the level of commitment, creativity, and efforts that employees bring to their place of work. It does not matter whether the general economy is down-falling or rising employees need to be motivated by their employers or their managers. This enables the workers to improve their commitment and their output will proportionally increase. In addition, motivation helps employees feel that they are part of the organization hence increasing sense of belonging and loyalty toward their bosses and work.

According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, the first way to improve employee’s motivation is by leading them with vision. This gives them an insight of the future and the steps of their organization. It also shows the success that the business is targeting to achieve at a certain duration of time whether in a long span time or short span time.

Secondly, the managers should be willing to listen to their employees and give them time to work out on the assigned tasks and projects. This boosts their social well-being at the workplace as well in their homes. This can be done in a closed door one to one meeting or call for an annual general meeting.

Jordan Sudberg, suggests that managers should partner with each and every employee, by boosting their professional growth. This is by showing them how to meet their goals and successfully complete their assignments in time.

The other way to make employees motivated is by offering those benefits and perks. This makes them feel that they are working and feel that they are working in the best place. Perks and other benefits make their lives better both at work and at home resulting in increased morale and loyalty to the company.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg finds it worthwhile for managers to consider promoting teamwork amongst their employees. Collaboration between teams in the company brings about ideas for further analysis and development. Furthermore, working with employees who have different skills brings more creative and innovative results.

Lastly, Dr. Jordan suggests that managers should work on empowering employee careers. He considers employees as dynamic and that no one who is static at one position of work. He requests managers to encourage work mobility and development. Managers should request employees what they want from their career, and lay out what they need to do to get there.

In conclusion, employee motivation should be taken with utmost faith and managers should always reward employees for the work done. This should be done without questioning the work position of an employee or their academic qualifications but rather managers should consider employee efforts and commitments in motivation.