Importance of Religion in University Studies

From time to time, people have taken part in various activities that are termed religion, and such activities include prayers, worship, and also performing rituals. The religions have had several explanations to the various questions usually asked. Some of the questions include: what happens to people after they have died? What is the meaning of life? And how does Christianity explain injustices and sufferings within human beings? The explanations to these questions have been varying, and some are even contradictory. By this, therefore, religion in university helps us to understand others and also ourselves.

George Rutler, an author and a Catholic priest, has been the chaplain of Oxford University and has helped the students in their spiritual nourishment. He has contributed to various popular journals and scholarly journals and has also been enabled to publish more than ten books on theology, cultural matters, history, and sports. He is a well-known preacher within and outside the university and has also hosted several Eternal World Television programs that talk mostly on religious matters. He has given several pieces of advice to the students as their spiritual leaders, which has helped to nourish their Christianity. He has helped the students to have a more in-depth knowledge of Christianity. Within and outside the university. He has also written several essays on Christianity, and how he has expressed his ideas has also encouraged the students.

Importance of Religion in the University

Father Rutler believes that religion is one of the essential factors in a university as the students’ spirituality must also be catered for. Here are some of the importance of religion in a university:

Studying Religion Can Make People Happier

Pursuing a religious course in the university allows you to understand why people are holy and why they participate in various religious activities. Most people believe in religion to the extent that they have to pray before making any decision in their daily activities, and they believe this will always make them successful. Most people usually feel happier after getting involved in religious practices such as prayers. For example, Christians think that after prayers, God will answer them, which makes them happy.

It Helps One to Understand Different Cultures

There are several religious beliefs and practices that, until one studies religion, he/she will get the opportunity to understand. One will get to know why other churches wear certain clothes, and so on. Religion surrounds our daily lives, and therefore studying religion gives us a chance to understand the visible differences in surroundings.

It Can Improve Your Job Prospects

Studying religion at the university will improve one’s critical thinking skills, which gives one a chance to appreciate diversity in their surroundings. Knowing religion will also enable you to accept your idea to be challenged without having a bad feeling.

It Increases Cultural Awareness

Studying religion in university gives one a broader understanding of different cultures’ existence and learns to appreciate them.


Religions are important things someone should have knowledge about as it involves our daily lives and surroundings.