How You Can Manage An Arrest Without Impacting Your Career

Getting arrested is very stressful as you might not remember any phone numbers of people that can bail you out. The next thought is usually related to what a person will tell their place of employment. Most companies have policies that require employees to tell the company when they are arrested. The truth is that most companies are not going to waste money doing background checks on employees they have already hired without a good reason. The following are tips to manage an arrest without impacting your career. 

Hire The Best Attorney Possible 

You are going to need a private attorney to get the best results possible in terms of getting charges dropped. The right attorney is going to challenge the evidence at every turn. A number of prosecutors and state attorneys do not want to deal with certain attorneys that are willing to go to trial to get the best result possible for their client. A marijuana defense attorney can be wise as they likely can help you get a plea deal due to working these types of cases for years. 

Use Your PTO Wisely

Using your PTO wisely is something that is important if you do not want to raise any suspicions. People take time off regularly for doctor’s appointments or dental procedures. If you do not want your job knowing about an arrest, you need to show up for court dates. The last thing you want is to be arrested in front of coworkers as this is embarrassing and could lead to your termination. 

Remote Workers Have An Advantage

Remote workers have an advantage over those that have to be at work daily. Asking for a half-day is something that can be covered in an email and something that will not be questioned. There are hearings that are done online so you might not have to take any time off at all. The fewer people you have to ask you questions, the less you have to divulge. Take advantage of your remote work privileges as you don’t have to make excuses for a long break that you took. 

Only Tell Your Employer When You Are Convicted

Telling your employer about your arrest can damage your career. You are innocent until proven guilty so keep your arrest quiet until your attorney tells you what is going to happen. Telling your employer you got arrested then giving excuses can ruin your credibility. HR is not going to look into you unless they are given a reason especially if you are a top performer at your job role. There are so many mistakes when people are arrested which include mistaken identity. Getting the right attorney is imperative if you want to be defended in a proper way. 

The process of being arrested is wildly uncomfortable even if you are bailed out within 24 hours. You need to deal with this efficiently so it does not impact your career prospects. Fight your arrest as the right attorney can help you get charges reduced or dropped.