How to Use Personalization in Email Marketing

Personalize your emails with your own name and company. This will not only increase brand recognition, but will also build trust with customers. People are more likely to trust a person than a company, and “Marketing Team” does not inspire trust for responsible marketing. Your customers want to know the person behind the great products they buy. Add your company’s name to your emails to add even more credibility. Here are some examples of personalization tactics for email communication.

Collection of email addresses

Whether your website is attracting visitors through paid advertising or social media, one of the best ways to retain them is through collection of email addresses. Building an email list of subscribers is also a powerful way to increase brand recognition. Most users spend at least five hours per day checking their email, so ensuring that you remain in their inboxes is essential for creating brand awareness and influencing purchasing behavior. You can use various tactics to collect email addresses, including displaying popups on your website, running competitions, and driving traffic from social media sites.

List segmentation

While all email marketers should focus on identifying a target audience, list segmentation is particularly effective for improving customer experience. This method of segmentation relies on user behaviors to better understand what a person wants and what they need from a brand. For example, if a person signed up for an email newsletter but never opened it, a marketing email might include a manual or a user guide that they might find helpful. If the user never opened the email, marketers may send an automated email with a personalized message to remind them of what they signed up for.

Short and concise email copy

A well-written email copy is essential to the success of your email marketing campaign. It should be short and sweet and contain the main points of your offer. Moreover, you must include benefits of your offer. Readers are more likely to scan your email if it is filled with benefits and is easy to understand. Listed below are tips to write an effective email copy. Read on to learn how to write an email with benefits.

Re-engagement campaigns

Re-engagement campaigns in email marketing are a great way to reach out to inactive subscribers and get them to return to your list. These emails should offer a simple but appealing offer, or plant a seed for future emails. Regardless of the strategy, it is important to follow-up frequently with these lapsed subscribers to stay on their radar. Listed below are a few examples of successful re-engagement campaigns.

Customer success emails

The Customer Success email is a vital part of any SaaS company’s email marketing strategy. It encourages customers to use the product, highlight cool features, and promote other benefits. It can also serve as a subtle opportunity to cross-sell or upsell. Whether it’s an introductory newsletter or a full-on customer support service, these emails serve a purpose: to educate and inspire the customer. Customer success newsletters may be an excellent way to do this by directing customers to your product blog, resource center, or webinar. They also provide links to the most useful rich content.