How to Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

An underlying purpose of the website is generating leads efficiency as well as produces sales opportunities. Possibly, your site must offer your prospects with some most useful information that can convince them to select you over the competitors. But, at times, this hardly happens. Most of the businesses opt to use the websites as an accessory. Whereas most business leaders know the real importance of having a functional site, and some see their websites as a means of making their business look highly professional.

It Will Take Some Work

The truth of a matter is just having the website is not enough to make this successful. It is very important to think a bit strategically about your website to ensure that it is built to drive more conversions as well as generate more leads with the help of website design Auckland. It is a type of conversation that I had in my life working at the agency that will take several months of planning & strategy sessions. The blog post just is not the same as that. However, in line with having face-to-face talks let’s see top tips to start turning your site in lead generation machine that you have dreamed of.

Identify the Best Content 

The content wasn’t a big issue; we work with the leading industrial journalists, industry thought leaders, and editors. The issue was how we give away our top content & not asking anything in return. Thus, we made the list of all possible content onto our site & identified content that we knew will capture our potential customers’ interest. So, I noticed we were getting a very high conversion rate from videos. Quite often, the potential customers don’t have enough time to read the lengthy case study and white paper, however, they do have some short minutes of watching the video.

Set Up the Workflows for Managing Your Incoming Leads

Since the leads began pouring in, we required to identify the workflow strategy, which worked right for us. Yours will be very different. I opt to handle various landing page submission leads just by creating one simple 3 step workflow. Some website allows you to create the workflows that can fit in your lead needs and manage every lead from the initiation through its buying process or with the help of web design Auckland.

Story Matters

The first piece of the puzzle is we need to deliver the right information that will interests our users, and gets them in, as well as make them to learn more. So, we have to build the story. Some features are very important, but they are not very exciting. Suppose your site is just the list of features that your users will check out & find something very interesting.

Create Call-to-Action 

The next step will be creating call-to-action for placing onto your site. Call-to-action generally takes the visitors to its landing web page where they can download content offers. So, before determining where this CTA will go, we have to spend a good amount of time in reviewing company website & identifying web pages where the content offerings will be highly welcomed by the visitors.

Unclutter Your Website’s Navigation

The websites that are simple to explore capture the most amount of the leads. But, it will be quite challenging for the businesses to compile every single aspect of the business in a concise website. Nevertheless, your website’s navigation should tell the story that actually makes a little sense. Think about this as the table of contents, which answers any questions that your prospects may ask. Suppose there are a lot of navigation items onto your website, it can confuse your audience.