How To Throw An Amazing Client And Employee Appreciation Event

Keeping clients and employees happy can be a complicated venture. Clients might stay happy as long as a company is delivered what was agreed upon. The truth is that clients might be more likely to be retained if they feel appreciated. The same goes for employees that have worked for a company for years. Throwing an appreciation event can be that extra factor that helps drive employee/customer retention. Feeling appreciated in the business world is invaluable when working with or for a company. Below are tips to help you throw the best client and employee appreciation event possible. 

The Venue Matters

Restroom trailer rentals can be a great option if the event is being hosted outdoors. Host the event outdoors during times when there is the least amount of rain. The temperature can also become an issue in colder climates if not done in the summer. The venue might be able to provide the catering, staff, and everything that is needed. Take the time to get price estimates from a few venues to see which is the most plausible. 

Should You Pick A Theme?

A theme can make the event quite a lot of fun for everyone involved. This will also make it far easier to decorate if you find a common theme at parties. You want the theme to be fun and align with the business in some capacity. Avoid themes that could be deemed offensive to anyone at all. You do not want to create tension between the company and clients due to a theme that was not thoroughly discussed. Costume contests for a Halloween-themed party can engage everyone that attends. Take the time to sit down with staff to see what theme they think will work best for the event. 

How Much Is The Budget?

The budget is going to impact exactly what type of event can be thrown. The venue is likely going to be the largest cost so establishing a few options early is imperative. You want to be able to budget for the rest of the event while the reservation of the venue is confirmed. The company does not want to put itself in financial peril due to the event. Draining cash flow is never wise as this money can be used to grow the business. 

Have Bartenders Keep Alcohol Consumption Reasonable 

The last thing that anyone wants is an issue due to alcohol consumption. Losing a client or employee is quite possible if they have done something extremely embarrassing. The bartenders for the event need to be reasonable when it comes to not overserving attendees. Make this a priority as you do not want an issue to arise from this event that is counterproductive. With this being said, having fun is a part of company parties. Enticing attendees with free drinks also works quite well along with a great meal. 

Throwing an incredible event for those important to the business can be so important. Take the time to consider the ROI on the event when you consider increased employee/client retention.