How to Stay Productive and Create Successful Results

Procrastination is a struggle for many people, especially in this digital age. It can be challenging to focus on what needs to be done. If you are looking for some tips and tricks to be productive, here are a few ideas.

Be Active

When you are sitting and working for a long time, you will probably begin to feel very drowsy and distracted. It’s okay to take a break! One of the best ways to do this is to get up and do something a bit active. Walk the dog. Do the dishes. Turn on a song and dance! When you come back to your work, you will feel a little bit more refreshed.

Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is likely to make you feel more distracted while you work. This can take many forms. Sometimes you will text someone or answer emails while you are working. Maybe you are looking at the news or cooking dinner while you are writing something for your boss. When you are doing multiple things at once, it lowers the quality of your work. Try to set a time when you can dedicate yourself fully to one task and allow yourself to do it to the best of your abilities.

Make SMART Goals

SMART goals provide a way to lay out your plans in an orderly and effective way. So what is a SMART goal? This is a method that many people swear by, as it helped them to organize their ideas and stay on top of their work.


Your goals need to be simple, yet meaningful. This will help you to focus your actions and in order to reach your goal. Who will be involved? What materials are required? Why is this important to you? Once you have solidified these aspects of your goal, you will gain more motivation and inspiration. 


When you are making a goal for yourself, it is important to have ways that you can track your progress. For example, some goals may measure an amount of money or a number of people. Through adding this to your plans, you will be able to understand the process of achieving your goal in a more efficient way.


While this may seem like an easy aspect of your goal, it is one of the most vital points. Your goal needs to be possible and realistic. When you are laying out your plans, make sure that you have all of the necessary components in order to accomplish your goal.


In the process of making your plans, analyze the current situation as well. Is this the right time to pursue this? Do you have enough money? Will it be worthwhile in the long run? All of these things are important parts of the process as well.

Time Bound

Lastly, decide on a deadline for your goal. This will prevent you from procrastination and make sure that you stay on task. When you choose a date to achieve your goal by, your motivation and drive for success will increase.