How to Stay Motivated During a Pandemic

The daily work routine can seem monotonous when in progress; people get up in the morning and repeat the same things from the previous day. Breakfast, traffic, office politics, and then at the end of the day, it is back to the homes to recharge for the next day. This routine goes on day after week after month and year without much notice. People become accustomed to the cycle and go with the flow of things, occasionally dealing with a few challenges along the way but never really falling out of routine for too long.

The coronavirus is changing everything about regular human life, from social interactions to professional activities. People are being forced to change the routine for their own good, but change is always difficult to grasp, especially if it feels forced onto someone to accept. This situation has an unexpected impact on people’s morale when adapting to the new “work from home” norm that has taken society by storm. The home environment is not effectively providing the same focus levels as the office, and the people at home do not inspire the same work ethic as the office team. Facing such challenges daily with no end in sight while the pandemic is still actively ongoing chips at a person psychologically and physically. The struggle of staying safe without a stable work environment attacks the mind’s ability to focus; this, in turn, reduces the motivation to get anything done.

Human history has documented events such as our current situation, and one thing to take from it is the resilience of the human race in the face of adversity. To borrow a leaf from the characters of generations past or the present such as Diego Ruiz Duran, can teach us some tips on keeping the wheels turning during this go slow.

Limit Access to News – it does not take long to feel overwhelmed with all the information being spread about the Covid 19 virus. When the brain is constantly bombarded with negative news, everything loses value, including getting any work done. Reduced exposure to news channels and websites helps keep the mind clear enough to get some work done.

Change Routine – being lazy at home is easy because home is where people go to relax. Try and observe how the day’s activities progress throughout the day, identify activities that can be reduced or moved to a different time to allow some time to sit down and finish some office work finished.

Eat Healthy – Eating habits can really take a toll on health or improve it, eating sugar-filled snacks while watching TV doesn’t improve anything. Take the initiative to prepare healthy snacks and meals and get the best results this time.

Meditation – the practice of meditating involves taking some time off from everything to sit down and think about the desires and challenges a person is dealing with in life. This activity can help shed light on things that would go unnoticed, and this helps with finding solutions to problems already identified while strengthening activities that keep the spirits up.

Whatever the situation, keep in mind that other generations have encountered trials and tribulations worse than our fate. Take advantage of history to find out how humans have conquered adversity. Borrow a leaf from Diego Ruiz Duran, who believes that his passion for defending those denied justice, keeps his mind focused on the next step when a case gets overwhelming for him to bear.