How to Set Aside Time to Spend with Family

Cory Harow is finishing his Friday afternoon after a hectic but productive week. Still, the most crucial job is yet to be done, finding the balance between being productive and being present when spending time with family; this is the most challenging task in the modern world but is necessary for a happy life.

First things first, set up priorities and time frames for tasks to get done is one thing the Flordian physician is great at. Next to the nightstand, there is a journal where all the tasks live. He sets the time aside every night to write down when and what needs to be done for the next day. Taking advantage of every opportunity to create a quality moment rather than a task that needs to be done, he transformed it into moments his family will cheer for forever.

Attitude is as important as action. Cory Harow knows that it means nothing if he is cooking dinner while he is not actively seeking meaningful conversation with his kids about their day. If he doesn’t take the time to acknowledge his partner or crack a joke, then they are better off ordering takeout and everyone going about their night as they please as that would be more productive. He has to be present and show it with every fiber of his body for this to work.

Teamwork makes the dream work. A family unit is more than members of different ages that live together because they are bound by blood or marriage. A family is a team that relies on each other to get things done, work through hard things, and celebrate good things. His family purposely makes a daily task an opportunity to have quality time together. Still, they make Sundays a family event; every Sunday, a member of the family picks an activity the whole family does together; for example, this Sunday is the father’s turn to pick. He decided to take his family for a park picnic, fly kites, and ride bikes. Last Sunday, his oldest kid picked movie day; his wife picked spending the afternoon at a local museum the Sunday before. By doing this, everyone feels value, and they get to learn about each other.

Love is the motor of a home. Whenever he gets tired or has a hard day at work, and these things seem overwhelming, all he has to do is remember the love that he is giving his family by putting in the extra effort. 
Cory & Rachel Harow