How to Properly Decorate Your Home

Shalom Lamm has spent decades in the real estate business, and his career focus has included all aspects of the industry. He served as the managing member of Lion and Lamm Development, and over the course of his career he has been responsible for the acquisition, financing, rehabilitation, and sale of thousands of homes, apartments, and condominiums. Whether it’s a single family home, or an investment property, it has always been important to him to make sure that his clients make informed decisions, and proceed to closing with confidence. But it doesn’t stop there! Once his clients have closed on their homes, he even occasionally offers a bit of decorating advice!

Shalom Lamm has never claimed to be a professional interior decorator, but he also advises his clients to consider whether or not they actually need to hire a decorator. It’s not as much a matter of being able to afford a decorator as it is the feeling that one gets when their home is truly a reflection of their personality. Decorators know things like colors and patterns, and can do a really good job without a lot of guidance. But don’t discount how rewarding that it can be to create a beautiful and tastefully decorated home. Here are a few basic tips that can help you get started, regardless of your previous experience:

Keep it simple -Your home is the place where you live, and not a museum for your things. Many new homeowners hurry to unpack their boxes and get moved in, but there’s no greater time to make a purge than the day that the movers show up. You don’t have to get rid of everything, but sometimes if there are things that don’t fit in your immediate plan they should just be donated or thrown away.

“Cry once”- Furniture, decor, and fixtures aren’t recurring expenses, and paying a little extra for quality makes more sense than buying cheap things you have to replace in a few years (or sooner). You don’t have to buy the most expensive things, but with certain things such as electronics and furniture, you usually get what you pay for.

Make a long term plan -You don’t have to make step by step plans for everything, as much as having some things in mind. Even if a home is ready, it takes some time to make the home your own. Before you start unpacking boxes, look at the blank slate you have to work with. What do you need to do right away? What do you want to do when you have the time? Do you have the time now? Many people say they want to wait until they can afford to make an upgrade, but can often finance and pay off a new piece of furniture in a few years.

Most importantly, Lamm thinks that home décor should always be a reflection of the people who live in the home, and that you can never use money to solve creative problems.