How to Optimize Your Mobile Website for Your Market

Having a mobile-friendly website is something that every business knows. It’s been heard millions of times by now, and while virtually every website has adapted, many are still missing the mark when it comes to mobile optimization specifically for their audience and market.

For example, you need to optimize your mobile website for your age demographic, as well as for your specific conversion goal. Every page needs to have a conversion goal, whether it’s capturing an email address or driving a sale.

Let’s touch on a few key points to consider.

First, Run it Through the Tests

While most themes and website designers/developers built with a mobile-first mentality, it never hurts to run your website through Google’s mobile-friendly tool as well as other third-party online tools that will render your website across every mobile screen size, allowing you to see how it appears.

You want your website to be easy and simple to navigate on all mobile screens. An example of a simplistic mobile layout is this website, as there are no distractions. When someone lands there they can easily consume the content, as there is nothing else to distract them from doing that, which is the goal of the site.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Buyer

This is something many miss. Think about it. If you are selling a fun product aimed at a young 18-21 year old demo, then you can be very modern and fun. But, if your demo is older, you need to adjust and give them a layout that they feel comfortable with and not intimidated by.

Trends and being current in terms of styles is one thing, but you also have to know what your customer will respond best to. Jaloezieen Fabriek for example, keeps its layout and design in line with their target audience.

Ask for Feedback

One of the best ways to make your mobile website better for your audience is to ask them what they love about it and what they dislike about it. You can accomplish this by using surveys. There are many tools and apps available for this.

You can email them or have them popup on the screen. They key to get a lot of feedback is to offer an incentive for completing the survey. A discount offer is a great way to make sure your survey converts at a high rate.

The feedback provided by those that actually use your website is the most valuable you can receive.

Also, use your friends and family for constructive feedback. Ask them to all view your website and specific pages you are trying to optimize and find out what parts are difficult to navigate on their phone.

Analyze Your Conversion Data

The data available to you just within a Google Analytics account is priceless and it doesn’t cost you anything to accumulate this data. This tells you without a doubt what works and what doesn’t.

Chris Dziak of Pure Nootropics says, “It’s important to set up your Google Analytics correctly, with conversion goals, so you know exactly how your visitors are getting to your website, but also how they are interacting with it once on it.”

You might be driving a lot of traffic, but if it isn’t converting on mobile because of a poor user experience you need to address that right away, and you can find out all of that simply by analyzing your traffic data.

There are also several tools that can be used to split test different layouts, calls-to-action and offers. All of this needs to be done in order to deliver the best overall experience. By doing this your conversion rates are going to increase.