How To Manage Your Arrest When Running A Company

Starting and running your own business can be stressful on its own. Getting arrested while running a company is something that you have to manage appropriately. You want to set an example for employees but people do make mistakes. Hopefully, the arrest is not publicized due to privacy laws and mugshots not being available online. Depending on your charges, this could lead to time in jail or something simple like community service and probation. The following are tips to manage your arrest while running your own company. 

Tell The Staff Or Not?

The first thing that you need to consider is whether you should tell the staff or not. There are some people that might want their employees to learn from their mistakes. Others might just want to keep this quiet as they are embarrassed by the circumstances. Most people will understand that mistakes do happen but certain charges could cause staff to lose respect for you. If you don’t require staff to notify the company of an arrest, then you should just keep it to yourself. 

Get The Best Attorney Possible 

Finding a criminal defense attorney that handles your type of case is very important. There is a chance that the right attorney can have the case dropped if there is a lack of evidence. Other possibilities include diversion programs so an arrest can be expunged. This can include substance abuse treatment, anger management classes, and regular meetings you need to attend. This will be a bit costly but it is better than having your record tarnished. 

Remote Work Days When You Have Court

The suspicion might be that you have been arrested if you are missing days suddenly or are seen at the courthouse. Working remotely is the new normal in a number of professions. You can give a few remote working days to employees as a reward when in actuality you will be at court. You can stay connected to your team outside the courtroom. 

Get Help If You Need It 

Substance abuse runs rampant around the world and leads to a number of arrests. Getting help is a great first step as it can be so difficult to admit you have no control over your addiction. People that are entrepreneurs might be very mentally strong but addiction is a disease that so many people have a problem overcoming. There are a number of programs including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous that are free to attend meetings. If you are worried about being seen by someone that you know, there are Zoom options and you do not have to turn on your camera. Getting into a new routine is going to be of paramount importance as human beings are truly creatures of habit. Seeing a substance abuse counselor is another option if social situations or public meetings are not your cup of tea.

Managing an arrest with your own business has to be done carefully. You want to retain the respect of staff and continue to build a healthy office environment.