How To Make The Best Impression Possible On Clients And New Employees

The impression that you make on clients and employees matters. The first impression might be the most important but the ongoing impression matters far more to clients. Consistency and care with employees are noticed almost immediately. Employees are more likely to be loyal to a company they believe cares about them. Client and employee retention can lead to growth at a company over the course of time. The following are tips to make the best impression possible on clients as well as new employees.

Impress With Your Office Environment

Everything from commercial landscaping to the energy in an office environment matters when it comes to impression. An office full of cubicles is outdated and impacts employee morale negatively. You want collaboration among employees to help maximize productivity. A client that is impressed with your staff might decide to enter into a longer contract than they would have if they were not impressed. 

Training Should Be Thorough For All Employees 

Clients will be directly impacted by the training that employees receive. You want to retain clients by empowering employees to do the best job possible. Remote employees do not have the luxury of being able to ask someone next to them about a simple question. You want employees to complete training and be able to be autonomous in their position. Feeling lost after the training can lead an employee to believe the company they are working for is disorganized. 

Remote Work Days For Employees 

Remote work is a perk that most people desire if they can perform their job role remotely. Allowing employees to work fully remote is something that a number of companies have adopted. Building a strong team with employees from all over the world has a variety of benefits. More professionals are looking for remote roles than in the past as many have witnessed the convenience that remote work brings to their daily life. Take the time to assess how remote work can impact the company that you are running. You could find that the company is viewed as employee-friendly due to remote work rules. 

Allow Employees To Earn Extra

There could be work that a company sources out to freelancers to help scale projects. Offering this work to current employees can be very fruitful. With inflation raging, earning extra can allow some employees that have tight budgets to survive. A company might even find that some employees have skills that went unnoticed before. Offering extra hours is always an option for employees that need the extra work for financial reasons. Laws do differ on this though as a full-time employee could be required to be given overtime pay if they have more than 40 hours of work in the week.

Impressions truly matter when it comes to the loyalty of employees as well as clients. Take the time to reflect on what your company’s overall impression is to those that matter. You might find that the impression being given off is a bit offputting or negative to the company as a whole.