How to Make Sure Your Office is Well-Secured After a Break-in

We all act cautiously to protect our houses but overlook to safeguard our workplaces in the meantime. According to a report, around 4 lac non-residential buildings were burglarized in 2016, with its rate skyrocketing ever since. A robbery takes place every 20 seconds in the U.S, as confirmed by a report of the FBI.

After one successful break-in, a place is more susceptible to a repeat offense. On top of it is the feeling of being insecure. If your vicinity is broken into, it’s of prime importance to take immediate action to make your employees feel secure by regaining security and developing a safety plan to prevent such unwanted incidents in the future.

Mentioned-below are some steps that you can take to guarantee that your office is well-secured after a heist!

1.       Call the Cops

As per the crime unit of the FBI, the majority of burglars execute robbery at night. If you’ve installed the updated safety alarms in your office, you’ll receive a notification every time someone tries to sneak in. So, if you receive a security notification buzzing after working hours, don’t rush to your office. Instead, call the cops. They will tackle the situation professionally.

2.       Do Proper Investigation

For handling the aftermath of a break-in, recall if any burglar disguised a visitor or a temporary employee to scout your workplace lately. It’s also proposed to review footage of the surveillance camera. It must have recorded a glimpse of the thief’s face, appearance, or identifying marks. Record as much evidence as you can get your hands on. It’s then best to collaborate with the police and file a report.

If you don’t have surveillance cameras installed, it’s suggested to check footage of the street cameras to find out any suspicious activity performed a week before the crime. What’s more, retrieve all data for that timeframe. Keep the following concerns in mind:

  1. Did you notice any suspicious person loitering in your locality?
  2. Did anyone trespass with a key, code, or card before the incident?
  3. Who was the last individual to leave the crime scene before the incident, and the first person to enter the building after the happening?

Putting together the answers to these questions will help you have a clearer picture of what happened. Please share all the information you’ve collected with the police to help them feel the perpetrator’s collar.

3. Claim an Insurance

It’s better to contact your insurance company and determine which insurance plan they have got you covered with. Enlist the stolen or damaged goods with their serial numbers, and estimate their monetary value. Then submit the receipts to receive the compensation for your loss.

4. Communicate with the Staff

For everyone’s safety, it’s essential to communicate with your colleagues after a heist. While the terror of a mugging can create tension in the environment, having a dialogue with your staff will address their concerns.

  1. Reassure them of having a strategic safety plan to prevent such events in the future.
  2. Share an updated plan of action with them should there be any unwanted circumstances. 
  3. Create a friendly vibe for your employees to turn in any evidence they find without fear of being slandered, penalized, or fired. Doing so, you can strengthen your security and minimize any chances of the repeated incident.

5. Reassess the Security

‍Studies reveal that 58% break-ins occur via forced entry, i.e., through breaking a window or door. So, the final and the most crucial step is to find a loophole in your security system. The following questions can help you reflect on the previous security design and modify that accordingly!

  • Which access point did the burglar scout, and how can you make it more secure?
  • Did you have a functional surveillance camera?
  • How could you improve access control?

Speaking of which, you can also bring a seasoned locksmith on-board to change the locks. Finding a locksmith is now more convenient than ever with Google’s courtesy. You can search for a locksmith in Rochester NY, and hire a professional and experienced locksmith for this service. Considering the precautions that I’ve put forth, you can preclude such mishaps in the future.