How to Increase Your Income

More Of Your Money 

The average worker faces many issues from the working world. Tough hours, needed training, and especially risk of one’s health are all factors needed to contend with alongside making enough to financially support a way of life. It’s in dealing with these struggles that employees and managers often overlook the easy ways they can increase their productivity and of course their income.

Having dealt for many years in tough negotiations for government, Alexander Djerassi made a career in public relations by noticing the relationships involved in work are what influence success in the long run. Restrictions and shortages have placed high strain on the interaction between hiring manager and applying worker, with either party refusing to cooperate if it feels they will not be rewarded properly for their actions. A worker looking for a job will not hazard their health and safety if they feel they will get little recognition for their labor, likewise a manager who feels they are being led astray by trying to comply with an outsider’s demands feels slighted more than reasonable.

Relating to previous experience, Djerassi notes that when a worker and manager feel they can relate to each other, a trust develops and ensures a reliability on each other. This ensures workers are getting paid in fair accord with their productivity and so they see benefits to increase their work flow and deliver higher quality to maintain the level of trust. On the other end, the manager needs to commit to responsibilities of management and look after the workers in their employ. A reciprocation of care for service is established and ensures a reliable flow among the workplace that leads to greater income.

This is not the only relationship that needs to be addressed. For any producer, seller, or service industry the source point for their attention is the customer and building a rapport with the base of buyers. Customers take notice of how they are treated by employees and make an assessment of the company they are with for future consultation. An employee who establishes good rapport with a customer sees more business and ensures a favorable standing with upper management as they achieve greater response rate and ensuing sales rates. This in effect links the customer to the worker-manager relationship and brings it around for a cycle of improved service leading to greater production and feeding into itself for a cycle of efficiency that the worker can see greater income and treatment when attentive to their current affairs.
Alexander Djerassi knows that relationships build greater trust among workers, companies, and in the business world in general. With greater work to serve and maintain such relationships, an employee will find their job secured and their income rise as they establish themselves as a greater source of productivity. Managers can also benefit from greater trust among their teams as they are seen attentive to the needs and inquiries of the employee and thus seen as a source of trust for the office environment. Regardless of standing, the benefits of trust are clear to see.