How to Handle Issues That Come Along With An Arrest as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs that are arrested might have a plethora of things to think about. Their public image is important especially if their company is largely run on investor capital. Less serious arrests are likely to be looked over or not even acknowledged. Certain states have mugshots available for websites to list while others do not. Dealing with an arrest as an entrepreneur has to be done carefully over time. The following are tips to handle issues that come with being arrested as an entrepreneur. 

Understand That The Charges Can Be Dropped 

The arrest that you had might have been an error or potentially a mistaken identity. You are going to want to enlist the help of an experienced attorney in your area. Regardless of the severity of the arrest, it will be worth it to hire legal representation rather than using a public defender. Getting a lawyer is imperative whether you have been arrested for sex offenses or DUI.

Online Reputation Management

There are states that release mugshots to the public which can plaster your face on everything from websites to social media accounts. Even police in some cases have social media accounts that they publish those arrested for certain crimes on a particular day/night. The marketing team at your company can be a huge help with this by driving search results related to your arrest down. If you are widely published or have created a multitude of content, this shouldn’t be too difficult unless major publications picked up the arrest. 

What to Tell Employees 

Employees are going to have questions as most would be worried about losing their job if they were arrested. You need to be honest with employees if it is public knowledge that you were arrested. If your arrest is not publicized then you should most likely refrain from telling staff. Cover your bases by taking a look at the company handbook to ensure you have no obligation to tell HR. The last thing you want is to be let go from a company that you helped build from the ground up.

Be Proactive About Getting Help 

Substance abuse is very prominent in the startup world due to a number of young professionals being involved. Happy hours can get out of hand quickly in startup culture if it is accepted by management. Substance abuse can start to worsen over time as addiction is a progressive disease. A judge is much more likely to allow a plea deal or diversion program for someone taking steps to get help. Refusal to get help after an arrest for the same thing that is substance-related could result in a far harsher sentence. Penalties can include travel restrictions, which could impact the growth of a business. 

People make mistakes in all positions so make sure you get the right attorney and maintain a positive attitude. Some of the world’s largest companies have leadership that have been arrested in the past.