How To Grow Your Landscaping Business From The Ground Up

Running a business of any kind is going to be stressful whether you are growing or growth has been stagnant. Landscaping does take a hit in the cooler months where lawns don’t need quite as much upkeep. Keeping busy during these times should not present a huge challenge as people still need help. New homes are being built daily so getting into these neighborhoods early can make a huge difference. The number of clients that flag down a landscaper to see if they can have their lawn done is immense. The following are tips to help you grow your landscaping business from the ground up. 

Organization Truly Matters 

You are also going to want to note which customers have paid and which ones are notoriously difficult to get on the phone when payment time comes around. There are customers that you should likely drop as payment for services rendered is not a difficult idea to comprehend. Planning routes also matters due to traffic being so absurd during certain hours of the day. You might find that with a few more clients in a particular neighborhood that it can be the only stop a crew has to make in a day. You might find that getting a quality trailer for sale can help the crew expand to a few new neighborhoods than before. 

Business growth is about client retention and acquisition. You won’t have to replace a large percentage of your client base if the services are competitively priced and customer service is quality. People need landscapers and so do businesses so don’t limit yourself just to residential landscaping. 

Local Teens Can Be A Huge Help 

Teenagers might work over the summer for your landscaping business. Teens can also be quite useful in getting the word out about the business. Even handing out flyers can lead to a few consistent customers. The beauty of a landscaping business is that most clients will not leave for another company unless they are given reason to. As long as prices don’t skyrocket or an employee has a negative interaction with a customer, client retention numbers should be quite high. 

Social Media And Review Sites Matter 

People are going to check review sites when enlisting the help of anyone that will be around their home consistently. Consumers are more informed than ever before due to these review sites. The only drawback is that competitors might have friends, employees and family members review your business poorly. Social media is another way to gain some traction along with listing your services on apps like LawnStarter. 

Build Rapport With Customers

There are going to be customers that do not want to speak unless it is absolutely necessary. Then there are those that like to chat with anyone that comes to work at their home. You are going to have to figure this out as some people simply do not want to be friendly or interact with you. Sending small gestures like appreciation cards for anniversaries that you have been working together matters. There are some landscapers that work at a home for such a long time that great friendships are created.