How to Go Through a Divorce Without It Impacting Your Career

The truth is that divorce is never an easy process as change is difficult for an individual. The stress that is added to your life from a bad marriage can derail your career in itself. The truth is that your career can play a huge role in keeping you distracted. Sitting and mulling about the divorce is not good for your mental health nor will it make the process easier. Putting a focus on your career during this time is important as you might not be as productive per hour. The following are tips to go through a divorce without it impacting your career negatively. 

Get a Top Divorce Lawyer 

The process of divorce can be complicated with a number of things that need to be filed. Getting a top divorce lawyer can allow you to defend yourself in case your ex is trying to split up property unfairly. The attorney that you choose should be the one that you trust the most and has recommendations to match. Asking about previous case results is always important especially if they recently settled one similar to yours. Searching “divorce lawyer Raleigh” can allow you to see the various legal representatives in your area. 

Inform Your Manager of the Situation

People get divorced and there is a chance that your manager has gone through it. A drop in performance for a few weeks is more likely to go overlooked if your manager knows you are getting a divorce. This can lead to extended deadlines or work from home days when you have to meet with your divorce attorney. The last thing you want is a drop in performance to be blamed on a lack of care or not listening to management.

Set Production Goals 

The improved productivity of an employee is always going to be noticed. In a sales job, a person that is landing deal after deal might be on the track for a huge promotion. Setting production goals that you are only going to improve on is important. Timing yourself can help with this so you can set reasonable goals for a day. You do not want to feel like you failed due to missing a goal that couldn’t have been achieved even under the best of circumstances. 

Continually Look For New Opportunities

The last thing that you want to do is overlook a great job role due to going through a divorce. Your dream job is not going to wait until after your divorce to get filled. This can be a great distraction that could result in you climbing the corporate ladder. Take the time to list out some top jobs that you would want and set alerts on job hunting websites for when they become available. You might want a fresh start in a new city which you can achieve. Understand that the job hunting process is long so you likely won’t land every job that you apply to. 

Going through a divorce is never easy but this does not mean your career should be impacted negatively. Use the tips above to potentially advance your career during this trying time.