How to Get Real Estate Clients During COVID-19

It may seem difficult to get clientele during the pandemic, especially in the housing industry. However, Shalom Lamm insists that by using news apps like Zillow or clients can connect to real estate agents much faster.

It has been very common for the housing market to take dips every once in a while. The Housing market heavily depends on the economy and the stock market to be stable. That’s when most houses are sold and the relatives are happiest. Using COVID-19 the market has been pretty decent so clients aren’t;t difficult to find. Reducing the price of a home by a few thousand is the first step in getting clients, no matter the pandemic. Always start higher and then have room to decrease the price without actually losing value. Shalom Lamm learned this trick in real estate school and records it to anyone having trouble with gaining momentum on a home. COVID-19 has been a whirlwind for everyone but in time, the market will adjust.