How to Find Time to Connect with Christ

Modern life has changed the way people look at time. Society is always in a rush, with little opportunity to focus on what’s most important, which is Christ. It can be easy to find excuses for not taking the opportunity to pray, ask for Christ’s guidance, and seek his wisdom. Whether it is due to a busy work schedule or other responsibilities, it can certainly be challenging to find time to connect with Christ. 

Stop Trying to Find a Middle Ground

George Rutler knows that the busy world will steal time away if it goes unnoticed. Of course responsible adults need time to care for their family, but don’t be tempted by less important distractions. Don’t be flexible in the dedication to spend time with Christ. Schedule a specific time every week on the calendar and stick with it.

Read Your Bible

Instead of getting lost in the latest gossip, pick up the Bible instead. Believers can connect with Christ through his words. Don’t skim, but carefully read the scriptures and find lessons that speak volumes. Many passages in the Bible may have quickly been covered in Church but haven’t had a personal effect on those who read and listen. Church goers will begin to pick up on the many themes and inferred teachings of the scripture once they find that connection. 

Wisdom from a Pastor

Renowned Pastor Father Rutler has consistently set aside time to connect with the Lord. Serving in New York City, the pastor encounters many who do not share his faith. He believes in persistence, and he has been steadfast in making time for a relationship with God. He also believes that solitude can strengthen the spirit. While some are uncomfortable being alone, people can embrace their true selves and fortify their spirituality with no distractions.

Christ Gave You the Choice

Everyone is given the option to choose God, but it’s up to them to do it. When you allow other priorities to keep you from connecting to Christ, you’re choosing them over God. Believers in God need to dedicate time to Him each week and be consistent. Carry the Bible and read his words to connect with Him. Be persistent in your relationship with Christ, and seek solitude to connect with Him.