How to Cope with Stress

Stress is how people react to situations that come in every day’s life whereby a person feels anxious. Knowing various healthy ways to deal with stress and finding the right support and care can help reduce stressful feelings. After a shocking event has happened, people may have different reactions to it. These happenings may come from either environmental or personal disasters or sometimes maybe threats from various people. The symptoms of having stress can either be emotional or physical reactions. Some of how someone can react to a stressful event include difficulty concentrating and making a decision, shock, excessive use of Alcohol, headache, and stomach problems.

People need to understand what is going on in their bodies and consider the most appropriate way to respond to a situation. One should also not ignore any feeling of tension within their body, leading to a severe problem. Having stress for a long time makes one’s nervous system active, leading to increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Effects of Stress

When someone is going through a lot of stress, their body starts to function abnormally, putting the person at risk of getting heart diseases such as stroke and memory loss. Some of the effects of stress may include the following:

1. Regular headaches

2. Loss of interest in activities

3. Weight loss or gain

4. Overthinking

5. Prolonged sleeping period

6. Inability to concentrate

Ways to Cope With Stress

Father George Rutler believes it is always important to be able to identify stress when they occur because this will help one look for appropriate ways to manage the stress and how to react to them. Therefore the following tips can help people to avoid going through stress:

a) Eat Well and Limit Alcohol and Stimulants

Although Alcohol and caffeine can help someone relieve stress, they always harm someone’s health and worsen the stress in the long run. Someone who eats a balanced diet and the body is well nourished can easily cope with stress. This means that one should avoid processed foods and sugar but take more water, fruits and vegetables.

b) Regular Exercise

Doing exercise allows people to move their bodies regularly and increases blood circulation, which helps to remove stress homes from the bloodstream.

c) Balance Work and Home

People who normally work in offices should create some time or fix some dates in their calendars for having fun with their families and friends. Some of the stresses people go through come from workplaces; therefore, doing this will greatly help relieve stress.

d) Have Enough Sleep

Sleep is always an essential aspect of someone’s health. This means that one should ensure that he/she has enough sleep as sleeping relaxes the mind and will easily help overcome this.

e) See a Counselor

Stress always puts negative thoughts in people’s minds and therefore makes them difficult to change. In this case, one should look for a professional counselor to help overcome this. You can also decide to look for a church leader to assist you in prayers as spiritual nourishment also helps overcome this, just like George Rutler has been preaching about this. He believes that prayers can also help to overcome stress and has helped to change many peoples’ lives.


Stress is always dangerous to someone’s health; therefore, one should look for a solution before it goes too far.