How to Contact Instagram Influencers Efficiently

Instagram is the heaven for Social Media influencers and the number one platform to reach out to your target audience. Providing a social interaction base to more than 700 million active users, Instagram has undoubtedly become a necessity in today’s world. According to a survey, an average person spends about 53 minutes daily on Instagram. Due to the limelight that Instagram occupies, it is quite evident that the conventional ways of leaflet and pamphlet marketing are not going to work on modern customers. Modern problems require modern solutions, so head out to Instagram to find the solution of all your modern marketing problems! 

Instagram influencers are the people who use Instagram as a medium to reach out to their ideal type of audience. They are people with alluring Instagram feeds and massive fan following and are not hesitant to share their lifestyle with their millions of followers. Instagram influencers can definitely provide a golden ticket to brands and organizations to reach out to their audience. But the question encountered often by companies is how to contact these marketing gems? Your answer lies in SocialBook

SocialBook is not only the software that enables you to weed out the fake influencers and save your cash but it also provides you with in depth knowledge centering any influencer. SocialBook provides you with the complete stats of any influencer; their engagement rate, most viewed post, regions of their fan followings, brands they have partnered with etc. In other words, SocialBook is like a digital portal to any influencer’s profile. Whether you are promoting a skin care product or a restaurant, SocialBook will help you shortlist the set of influencers who will be ideal for your brand’s promotional campaign. SocialBook also provides its users with a direct DM feature, enabling the users to contact the influencers directly and pen down their contract. The DM feature greatly helps SocialBook users to get into one to one correspondence with their influencers to chalk out the perfect marketing plan for their product and lead out a successful promotional campaign. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign in to SocialBook straight away and get in touch with your favorite influencers! We promise you the best investment of your time in selecting the influencer most befitting to your requirements!