How to Buy a Cheap Living Room Set Without Sacrificing Quality

If your budget is to buy a cheap living room set but you don’t want your home to look cheap, you’re probably look for ways to get affordable but sturdy pieces for your living space. But you can actually get a cheap living room set without sacrificing quality, you just have to know where (and when) to look.

Traditional furniture sales

There are some times of the year that furniture retailers always have sales. Even online furniture stores will time their sales with their brick and mortar counterparts to take some of that market share. These almost guaranteed furniture sales occur:

  • Federal holidays (Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, President’s Day, etc.)
  • Retail holidays (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday)
  • Just before the new season’s offerings arrive (January and July)
  • Back-to-School season (late-July, August, and September)

If you can plan your furniture purchase during one of these sales, you’ll get the best deal possible for very high quality furniture.

Clearance living room sets

There are a lot of reasons a living room set might be sold on clearance other than a changing of season and/or trends. Online furniture stores with larger warehouses are able to offer lower prices because they get the product inexpensively themselves by buying in bulk.

What happens when they don’t sell as much as they thought they would? They start marking it down until they get more sales. Any purchase is better than continuing to pay to store the furniture.

Discount furniture stores

Have you ever been in a TJ Maxx? Such discount stores offer name brand items at very steep discounts on a daily basis. There isn’t anything really wrong with their products, but something minor as a skewed print of the brand can be enough to send it to such a store.

There are discount furniture stores that operate in much the same way. The furniture in such stores is still of a very high quality, but perhaps a seam is crooked or a button is lopsided. You can find these types of deals at many online furniture stores as well, even if they also carry high priced furniture sets.

Shop around online

Before you make a big purchase, shop around online and see if you can buy a cheap living room set of the same brand and style. Most online furniture stores offer free delivery nationwide, so feel free to filter by cheapest price without filtering for location.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase online. Make sure that you read reviews posted somewhere other than their own site. If they have bad reviews from customers complaining about quality, service, or delivery, pay a slightly higher price and move on to an online furniture store with a better location.

Overall, the best option for purchasing quality home furniture is through online furniture retailers.