How to be an Entrepreneur During a Pandemic

It’s hard to believe that during a pandemic people can be starting businesses. With the economy taking a hit and the housing market also staggered, it’s unclear to many people how individuals can afford to start new businesses. Well, if a savings account is prosperous enough and resources are readily available to those starting, then it’s not too difficult. However, many entrepreneurs start with just an idea and very little to go off of. Shalom Lamm, a successful entrepreneur, has credited his accomplishments to his positive attitude. As long as people see the future ahead, no matter the setback, anything is possible. 

Small businesses have been doing their best to stay afloat during the pandemic. Many have opened online via Etsy or even Facebook Marketplace. It’s been helpful for many furniture, jewelry, collector’s items, customizable items, and other businesses. However, that leaves out a lot of businesses that have not malleable products like online workers. Above all, regardless of what business a person wants to be in, they need to save as much money to invest as possible. Being an entrepreneur means investing in a larger goal. The best way to do that is by trying to do all the work oneself and only hiring people once there is a stable amount of money to support them.In addition to financing well, one must remain positive in order to ensure that goals are met. Shalom Lamm says that setbacks are inevitable when starting a business. If it was so easy, everyone would do it. Being able to remain fluid and flexible when hardships occur is crucial. Also, taking risks is normal. Especially during a pandemic, when the risks are very high, is part of being an entrepreneur. Putting oneself and the business out there via social media and other platforms is the last step to being a successful entrepreneur.