How to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

How to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

Father George Rutler, a Catholic priest in New York City, has some excellent advice for people who want to set boundaries in their lives. Father Rutler explains how it is important not to become workaholics and lose sight of what is important. Rutler’s tips are practical ways that one can implement to avoid becoming too engrossed in too much work and start living more balanced lives with less stress and.

Make Most Out of Free Time

According to Rutler, “In free time, one should be reading a book, listening to music, going for a walk instead of getting stuck in front of the computer or watching tv.” Making the most out of one’s free time will enhance his or her quality of life and help break away from stress.

Learning the Importance of Saying No

Rutler says that “if one is in a position to be asked for help, then the least he or she can do is learn to say ‘no.’ Father further explains saying “No means not only setting boundaries but also allowing people to be free. Saying No when someone genuinely can’t take something on or do something will save them all kinds of problems in the long run.”

It is very important to say NO when one cannot do something. Should he or she say yes and then quit, people won’t expect any less and this will take a toll on their self-respect and credibility.

Getting Away

It is important not to become workaholics and lose sight of what is important. Rutler, “Taking time off to get away at regular intervals is the best way to get perspective.” For those people who are always always in their comfort zone, Rutler says “they’ll just get stuck there without realizing it”. Relaxing and getting away from work will rejuvenate someone so they can do even better at work.

Taking Breaks

Father George Rutler says that taking breaks while working is very important to refresh oneself. Breaks help a person to come back to work with a fresh mind and will improve their performance.

Learning the Importance of Exercising

Exercise is very important for those who want to keep fit and maintain an active lifestyle. According to Father, “A healthy body is the best defense against stress . Taking time out for exercise can give one a chance to view his or her life from a different perspective.”

Practicing Meditation

Further, according to Father Rutler, “If someone has difficulty stopping thought-chatter, it is important to sit still and observe it without judgment.” It is important to practice meditation daily to become more aware of one’s thoughts. Once someone starts becoming aware of their thought patterns, they can learn to avoid many problems that occur because of stress. Also, practicing meditation every day will keep one healthy and stress free.

In summary, a person should not ignore their problems. They need to face them.” It is very important for people to take steps in order to avoid becoming workaholics.