How Doctors Can Utilize Marketing To Get More Patients In 2020

Some doctors may feel a little uneasy thinking of patients as clients, but the harsh reality is that you need more patients to generate revenue. In addition to creating a better future for yourself, it allows for fast business growth, leading to increased jobs and the ability to offer better patient care. Consequently, then, mastering your medical marketing strategies is essential. Doctors can make lots of money just being average, but doctors that apply marketing strategies to their practice will have a much great probability of out earning their peers. 

Here’s how doctors can utilize medical marketing strategies to gain more patients in 2020 and beyond.

Medical SEO 

Search Engine Optimization ultimately defines how prominently your practice features on Google. Most people head to Google when looking for local services, regardless of whether it’s on a mobile or desktop. Implementing a strong SEO strategy across all devices and modern techniques like voice searches, ensures that your site appears on the first page of results.

Given that 75% of users won’t even head to page 2 of the results while most organic traffic still comes from search engines, this should be the foundation of any winning strategy.

Patient Reviews 

Studies show that 72% of patients check online reviews before finding a new doctor. After all, people aren’t willing to take a risk with their health. Therefore, encouraging customers to leave testimonials through Google My Business or Healthgrades can work wonders for lead generation and conversions. The feedback can also help guide you towards improved customer care.

Social Media Marketing

In the world of modern digital marketing, content is undoubtedly king. This is also true for medial marketing strategies over 41% of patients admit that social media content will influence their choice of treatment center. Moreover, informative content can provide insight into various conditions and procedures while simultaneously increasing the authority of your voice.

Social media marketing promotes interaction and participation from potential patients. In turn, this can increase the trust and sense of familiarity to send conversion rates through the roof.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has enjoyed a major revival thanks to the regulations regarding data protection and cold emailing. Emails are shown to generate 3,800% ROI due to the low costs and ability to personalize content and set up email marketing streams that analyze the path to conversion. This is especially useful for repeat patients and ongoing condition management.

Get Press Coverage

Becoming a source of information for local news publications as well as a large national sites and magazines can pay dividends too. Reporters always need verified sources for any piece related to medical care. It is shown that 70% of the population prefer to gain insights into companies via articles rather than ads. Articles from third parties are even better as they reach new audiences.

Besides, providing quotes and answers won’t take much time at all, making it one of the easiest ways to gain the desired results.

Local Marketing 

Finally, you must acknowledge that offline marketing has a huge role to play in medical marketing strategies. The vast majority of patients will be locally sourced. Whether it’s adverts on local radio or handing out care packages (stress balls, leaflets on stress, etc.) is up to you. When used to supplement the familiarity gained from digital marketing, stunning results are assured.