How Diego Ruiz Durán is helping students in 2020

COVID-19 has changed the education system in all countries. No one really knows when a vaccine will be released and if it will be ethical. Many citizens are worried that there hasn’t been enough research or medical testing done to have a safe vaccine. That being said, one of the most affected groups is students. The youth of Mexico have to now deal with taking care of their families while continuing to educate at home. That can be very difficult for many because of the lack of supplies such as the internet, laptops, and secluded places to concentrate. Given these circumstances, how are young students supposed to be successful if there are constant distractions at home? According to his Personal Website, Diego Ruiz Durán, has decided to take his law degrees to the next step.

Diego Ruiz Durán is well known for his criminal justice background and his ability to have integrity within every case. He works countless hours to produce the best results for any of his clients. Now, with the coronavirus still being an issue, he wants to help students. He and his team are working on setting up free seminars students can attend to help further their education. He is also willing to accept a few interns at his office, so the young students can see if they like the world of criminal justice. Diego believes that opening this opportunity for some students will help them be distracted by the fearful world around them. He will pay for the seminars himself and hold them locally if it’s safe and approved by the government. 

One of the biggest struggles is finding a solution, to help these children, while keeping them socially distant. The reason Diego wants these classes to be in person is that many students don’t have internist access at home. If they do, his team wants to Facebook Livestream any seminars so all students can get an equal opportunity. He urges those who have the internet at home to stay home and watch from their devices. Anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity is welcome to apply. Diego and his team are trying their best to come up with a concrete plan by October. With many mandates out there, Diego’s first priority is to keep the children safe. 

According to Milenio, having such success in court, Diego has the opportunity to meet many people. With that, a certain responsibility of being truthful and resilient comes with that. His biggest note of advice is to teach the students to be those things; honest and kind. Everyone is struggling, no matter the person. Sometimes it can be financially and other times it can be mentally, it’s truly different for every person. That being said, it’s of the utmost importance to spread kindness to all. When Diego is working, he works in a system that can be frightening sometimes. He stays grounded by going home to exercise and read a good book. It urges students to constantly be reading new information and taking as many mental notes as possible. 

As the virus spreads, Diego is also passionate about possibly donating to research facilities to help fund a breakthrough. It’s hard to fully comprehend what is being done in regards to curing the virus, but Deigo wants to help in any way he can. He knows what it’s like to be a student. He graduated from The University of Oxford, attended Harvard, and MIT. Being under pressure to be great and successful is no surprise to him. As students start going to colleges, it’s important for him that they wear masks and stay as safe as possible. As tempting as it is to walk around campuses for fresh air, it’s important to make sure that they are walking with a friend, who tested negative for COIV-19, or they are alone.  Furthermore, some advice that Diego has always been known for, to be honest. If school becomes overwhelming and confusing, ask for help. Diego used to have problems with understanding social media, such as Flickr, but after asking for guidance, he’s now a professional. Some of Durán’s mentors have shaped him to be the person he is today. Without their guidance on how to handle cases or their advice on upcoming exams, he wouldn’t have been as successful as he is. Asking for help is never a weakness. It doesn’t matter what grade a student is in, being able to show vulnerability is a strength. As the world changes, change with it. It may be scary, but education can be a gateway to greatness.