How Dan Dasilva Leverages His eCommerce Prowess to Give Content Creators More Control and More Money

The eCommerce space is steadily getting established as the go-to industry for young entrepreneurs. However, not many of them understand what it takes to make the most out of their online presence. So they are turning to every source of information for help. The pertinent question being, how can a budding entrepreneur gain control of their online business and make as much money from it as possible? Dan Dasilva, a renowned eCommerce expert says the only way this can happen is when entrepreneurs find a way to connect with their audience on a more intimate level. 

Dan might have made his first million through dropshipping, but he was too determined to stop there. His vision to help creators connect to their audience in the long term while getting compensated for it wouldn’t let him rest. Coupled with the desire to help other young aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the same success that he did, Dan ended up creating the world’s biggest e-commerce training community, eCom Dudes. However, it was not until he discovered a gap in the way content creators connect with their audiences that he decided to create Impakt. Since then, Dan has helped thousands of people earn seven figures for themselves and now stands as a testament that there is indeed a genuine way for creators to make the best out of their art. 

Dropping Out of School to Make Millions

Dan Dasilva dropped out of high school and left his job working at Burger King in pursuit of finding success online. Since 2015, he has been selling digital products online, cultivating a massive following of hundreds of thousands of people. In 2017 he launched Influencer Marketing Academy and made over $1.3 million in just five days. The program was the first to teach people how to use influencers to make product sales. 

Although the first business Dan had seemed simple and only sold fidget spinners, custom T-Shirts, and other trendy products on Shopify, along the journey he picked up thousands of followers organically. He had a vision to change how creators build and maintain relationships with their audience. To bring this vision to life, Dan built a platform that allows any creator to continue doing what they love while getting paid at the same time. Today, Dan Dasilva owns Impakt, a ‘platform’ where creators build a relationship with their audience. He is also a marketing champion in the e-commerce industry.

Giving Creators More Control

Through Impakt, creators have a chance to make important announcements or new product launches that might be coming up. This is possible through a notification feature that pushes it to everyone’s phone no matter what part of the world they are located. The application is simple and enables any creator to be able to create paid or free groups. Free groups for any creator allow them to connect personally with their audience and build a close-knit relationship. 

Dan wants to accomplish his mission and help many struggling creators. He knows that this will be harder than any other project he has ever embarked upon, but he is also confident that it will be the most rewarding. The customer relations he created while in the eCommerce space are now benefitting him as thousands have been waiting to hear how they can monetize their brand or business. Dan can help increase relevance, visibility, influence, and profitability while also helping businesses retain customers and build valuable connections. Connecting to one’s target audience is an essential step in the success journey. It helps by allowing a greater understanding of the customers at a personal and deeper level.

How You Can Make an Impact Too

To build meaningful and profitably beneficial relationships with people, creators and brands should be in a position to connect with consumers on their preferred communication channels. This means entrepreneurs should create content that puts themselves in front of the minds of their target audience. 

Dan realized that YouTube was not sufficient in accomplishing some creator’s needs.  There was also a gap for creators connecting individually to their audience, and he wanted to bridge this gap. Impakt was the only solution. Plus, with Dan and the team at Impakt, you can also create a solution for your audience while making money out of it. 

If you don’t know where to start, connect with Dan and he will be your guide. He knows all it takes to build an email list of over 200,000 people and create large Facebook communities to help spread the word about your online presence. His YouTube Channel has a massive following of over 136,000 subscribers. With such a significant audience, Dan wants not only to influence but also to impact lives. According to him, whenever you invest in building relationships with consumers, it directly impacts your business revenue and boosts customer loyalty.