How Dames Handsome Became an Author

Dames Handsome is the author of the wildly-popular Fairy Knights children’s book series. He is a teacher, a dad, a husband, and a creative person who loves inspiring young minds. Based on a role-playing game he and his wife created for their young son, Fairy Knights books are ideal for creative adults who want to see the children in their lives explore, have fun, and level-up when they read. 

We understand that your son and wife had a big role in developing the stories in the Fairy Knights series as well, can you elaborate on that?

“Absolutely. I never planned on becoming a children’s author despite my constant work with them in education. The very beginning of my whole series was simply a night around the table with my family. I had made an rpg game for them and they had decided to join in and play. It was fun right from the get-go, with my son making this wild character called Ching Goo (friend in Korean) who was him as a fairy, a wise-cracking, funny, and quite spontaneous boy who went to Sheepee Elementary School and who didn’t always think things through so well. His mom made a character named Oma Bell (Mother Princess) and she was the one who tempered his wild plans and doings, bending his spontaneous and creative ideas into useful action and accomplishing the work of heroes. “

What advice would you give to other aspiring childrens/kidlit authors?

In the first THREE MONTHS of 2021, almost 72 MILLION children’s books were sold. If you want to be a successful children’s author, this is fantastic news. Why??

Because this indicates that agents, editors, and publishers are actively seeking for children’s novels. And they adore first-time writers!!

In all of the recent interviews I’ve sat in on, every agent/editor has mentioned something similar. (Apparently, they’re always on the lookout for the next JK Rowling or Suzanne Collins.)

How do you tell whether you’ve got what it takes to be a successful children’s author?

1- You still like reading and writing as much as you did when you were a kid.
There are kids who are addicted to video games and sports, but you are not one of them! Finding your happy zone is as simple as giving you a book or a notepad and leaving you alone for a few hours.

Experts always advise doing what you enjoyed as a youngster. Naturally, this entails you creating and reading books. And a cup of chocolate and a fire in the midst of a snowfall seem peachy-keen as well.

2- Be able to come up with fresh ideas for tales and novels that excite you.
Now that you’re a grownup, you’ve moved on to more mature pursuits, such as purchasing your own books and writing on your own computer. However, no matter how old you become, those old but goody children’s books will always be your favorites to read.

Find things that inspire you to create a narrative throughout the day now that you have your own children (or are still planning your fictional family in your thoughts).

Read this article if you’re having trouble coming up with fresh ideas.

3- Have a creative imagination that is full of fun–or maybe a touch gross–by downloading the free children’s book template (Because, boy humor).
You’re all about the “what if” scenario. What if dragons actually liked tacos or pigs really could fly?

You may narrate tales from a different perspective or based on real-life situations (since kids say the most bizarre things!). Then, to make it more enjoyable for your readers, use sound effects or made-up terms.

4- Have a soft spot for children, even if it’s only the concept of them.
Adult interactions may become tedious or uninteresting. Over dinner, there are a slew of “how’s work?” and “did you mow your yard again?” queries. YAWN!

With a kid, though, it is always a voyage. Allowing them to continue talking about something as easy as squiggle painting red crayon on a piece of paper for a minute may grow into a full-fledged twenty-minute discourse.

**Note: For individuals who don’t appreciate twenty-minute chats about nothing or sticky handprints on their walls, appreciating the notion of the child’s spirit may work. In any case, it worked for Maurice Sendak and Ludwig Bemelmans. The book signings, on the other hand, will not be nearly as entertaining.

5- Be willing to take on a writing challenge.
The majority of people believe that creating a children’s book is “simple.” After all, all you need are a few words strewn over a page. Am I correct?

WRONG! Children’s book writing is some of the HARDEST writing for authors.

Because of the low word constraint, each word becomes much more significant. Furthermore, since your audience has a limited vocabulary, it is your responsibility to strike a balance between making it simple to read but not so simple that they get bored.

To be a successful children’s author, you must have a compelling narrative that children like reading again and over. However, if you like reading other children’s books, have an inventive personality, admire the energy of children, and are willing to take on the task of writing, you may be a successful children’s author as well.