How Customized Menu QR Codes Help Restaurants Instill Brand Awareness for Customers

In business, brand awareness is everything. It gets you known and gives you the reputation you need. It is widely sought that if possible, every action you take will help with brand awareness.

One aspect you might not be looking at are QR codes. More specifically, using a customized menu QR code in your restaurant. While it may not seem like it, it plays a strong role in growing brand awareness.

Here are the ways how it makes that happen.

1. It Makes You Stand Out

While QR codes are growing in infamy, it is still going to be a while before every business starts adopting them. Most likely, restaurants are not yet using menu QR codes, so being one that does, makes you stand out from the bunch.

With the dawn of the internet, even the slightest unique things can cause your brand to resonate around the platform.

Even if a time comes when restaurants start to adopt QR codes, your reputation will continue to stand out. Because, you are the one who did it first and nothing can surpass that even if others have already caught on.

2. Convenience Makes Your Restaurant Wanted

If you adopt menu QR codes, the reason for it would be convenience. You wouldn’t implement it if it only makes things harder for your restaurant.

While there can be an adjustment phase, in general, it makes your entire operations faster and more convenient. As a matter of fact, it decreases your overall manpower requirement.

When your restaurant provides fast and quality service, it makes it a number one choice for customers. Ask anybody, they don’t want to stay in line and wait to order for too long. Given the opportunity, they would always opt for the easier choice.

The quality of your service will affect your reputation. And the better it gets, the more your restaurant stands out from the rest of the competition.

3. Being the First Has Its Perks

At some point, restaurants are going to start to catch on the trend. But this isn’t a bad thing. If anything, this only improves your reputation if you are the first to adopt menu QR codes.

What happens is that when people dine in a different restaurant and find the technology being implemented. The first thing that comes to their mind is that they have seen it somewhere. So, even if they are eating in a different restaurant, your brand still comes to mind.

No matter how many restaurants pop up, it will only further instill in the minds of people who came with it first. So, while they will eventually forget the rest of the restaurants, yours will forever be stamped in their minds.

In that aspect, you will be a restaurant that will always be a part of their lives. Something they will never forget and keep on visiting. Not to mention recommend.

4. Menu QR Codes Makes Restaurants Less Crowded

As mentioned earlier, menu QR codes decrease the overall manpower needed. This is because there are no longer the need for a waiter to hand customers a menu. It also makes it possible for customers to order all by themselves.

With lesser staff and faster transactions per customer, the restaurant doesn’t get too crowded. Even during peak hours, people are manageable.

Your customers won’t realize that it is because of the implementation of QR codes. Instead, they will only recognize how much better your restaurant is compared to others. And that hugely contributes to your business reputation.

5. People Love to Use Their Smartphone

To use QR codes, there is only one thing needed, and that is a smartphone. In today’s time, almost everybody owns one.

People have gone strongly dependent on smartphones. They do everything with it, from listening to music to reaching out to loved ones. And they want the device to be always in their hands and be able to use it.

QR codes give that sense of satisfaction to customers; the ability to pull out and continue using their smartphones. As a result, the entire experience of ordering becomes more immersive because they are looking at a screen where they have always done everything.

Believe it or not, this becomes a selling point for a lot of people. Being able to use their smartphone and make everything more convenient.


Most business owners underappreciated QR codes because they don’t seem to make much of a difference. In reality they do, not just functionally, but also for your reputation and brand awareness.

With so many key points that contribute to this effect, not implementing menu QR codes is a huge potential lost. And that loss continually grows much bigger the more that the technology is not adopted. So, it is time to choose your QR code generator and start getting creative on how to make your menu QR codes and other QR code functionalities for your restaurant.