Housing Market Struggles

With such an unpredictable market, only professional realtors like Shalom Lamm can fully grasp what might happen in 2021. The housing market had a few dips thanks to the lockdown, but in the end, it bounced back. Millions are moving out of high exposure areas and building in farmlands.

The housing market correlates directly to the economy. Of course, if the economy is down, people are losing jobs, thus, not buying houses. That’s one of the biggest struggles in the housing sector; the unpredictability. Although it may seem normal again, tomorrow brings on many new difficulties. When the housing market crash of 2009 happened, everyone was in a scramble to get their money back or sell property. So much goes on in the stock market that no one puts into perspective. All the decisions made on Wall Street trickle into housing business. Shalom Lamm records downloading stock apps, financial literacy apps, and housing market updates so that one can stay fully informed.